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Okay I'm not intending this thread to be about the where, and how of building a hackintosh since that info has been around for quite a while now. But it seems that its starting to turn into more public knowledge as time goes on thanks to the work of many talented hackers making the install proccess a heck of a lot eaiser. I'm a little worried about this and wondered what everyone elses opinion on the subject was. My biggest fear is that its going to drive Apple to making more secure copy protection features built in to newer Os builds, like the ones you find in Xp and Vista. I'm a Pc tech and have spent more then enough time on the phone with microsoft reps. trying to activate copys of windows while trying to keep track of 48 diget keys and all the diffrent versions (ACK!! :P )

Now I'm not a saint, I have a Hackintosh of my own that I built this last fall. It also houses Xp and Vista but I paid for every Os on there, even if the Osx voids the user agreement better safe the sorry. But from my own view, its just not the same as an apple product and it never will be. Its just a knock off, and it will always be. Even if you attach and Apple keyboard, mouse and studio display its just not the same (and annoying since you cant crtl-alt-dlt like you need to in windows) Sure it tears up Tiger and the benchmarks are very close to a Mac Pro, but its very quirky like all hackintoshes are. And getting a hackintosh up and running isn't for the faint of heart due to all the hand driver package installs, kernal updates and the like. It took me a week to get sound off my Intel Badaxe2 motherboard which chipset was supposed to work out of the box. The ATI 2600XT is another ongoing struggle which also should work since its what apple puts in the new iMacs. Its half working supporting normal desktop work, but when a game with pixel shaders comes on it maps the textures like a static off a TV screen. Kind of cool looking, but not very usefull.
And heres the specs if anyones interested
Intel Badaxe2 975x Motherboard
Intel 2140 Dual core overclocked to 3.2Ghz
ATI 2600xt 512mb DDR3
80gb + 320gb sata2 hds
It came in at around $650, about the same as a new Mini but with the horsepower of a pro. But its still not the same :P I spend more time on my G4 unless I'm playing games. Sometimes I think I should have just got a mini.

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Well my opinion is that you should be strapped to the crucible, drawn, and quartered for being a heretic.

...not really.

I too have been tempted by the lure of a Hackintosh. I certainly appreciate the satisfaction of having something that makes friends go "Woah. It's not supposed to do that." I guess the biggest hurdle with the Hackintosh for me has been justifying putting the time, money, and resources into a system that has the same sketchy performance of my old G3 iMac. If there were a way to build a Hackintosh that was comparable in performance, reliability, and design aesthetic to an Apple box then I would consider it more seriously. But then again if the latter proposition were true, Apple wouldn't have a business, would they?

Just my $0.02
I wouldn't say the performance is down with a hackintosh, mine benches just under a bottom in Mac Pro, and over a nicely loaded iMac. Its very snappy and boots up in no time. But the reliabilty and general "functioning" like you said are really up in the air. The one I got only has 2ch audio, no mic in's, the system profiler doesnt work quite right, the gfx card only works on vga out, sleep locks it up, and other little nusancy things here and there and everywhere. And your right it is really fun to fire up the Pc and have people go "Oooo whaaat??", the satisfaction of making one is kind of nice as well.
But your right on the money about the design aesthetic and build quality of an apple over a Pc. Theres really just no way to duplicate it. I tried putting all the guts in a B&W G3's case but decided it would involve to much sawzall and I didn't want to ruin my poor old G3 even though it just sits around :P
I think hackintoshes make up such a small percentage of computers running the Mac OS, that it would never be necessary to institute copy protection in the OS DVDs. Since it is tied to the hardware, that's good enough for copy protection. I do think it is an interesting project, but after reading your experiences, I'm even less inclined to tackle a hackintosh. It's funny how the problems you mention could very easily describe problems someone is having with their PC!
I almost wish it were a problem since that would imply that hundreds of thousands or millions of people were doing that... but they're not!

Apple still has some special sauce that a Hackintosh can't duplicate--FireWire target disk mode and the like. Also, I can neither confirm nor deny that someone whose 10.4 Hackintosh may or may not be in my possession can't play back video DVDs via DVD Player or VLC. There's always something! My Macs just work, though, and all the low-level troubleshooting tools are there when I need them. :)
One thing I found building a Hacintosh is you need to get as close to a Real Intel Mac as possible with the hardware. That means Intel CPU, MB, audio, wireless. There are hacks for AMD parts, but then you run into another area of compability to worry about. I have a Sony Vaio tower with a Pentium D and an Intel MB that works fine with OS X with minimal tweaks. Audio is the only thing that gives me trouble.
Maybe you've got the same audio chipset I do, Mitchell... the driver works A-OK but the author of the driver was only successful in getting sound output to work through the *line out* jack. Go figure. :)

That's exactly the kind of thing I enjoy never ever having to deal with on Apple hardware!
lol, yeah the audio hacks usally have some "creative" ways of being solved. And I never thought about the speacial sauce that apple has :P, wouldn't that be neat if someone could rewrite a ROM to do all those goodies.
And James don't let the quirks of a hackintosh scare you off, you can build very nice well working hackintoshes using close to mac Intel hardware like Mitchell said. Sometimes for around $120 bucks. If you go with an older Intel board with Onboard intel GMA950 video you can build a nice little mini knock off that will work with little mucking around. My systems problems come from me trying to build a windows system with ati Crossfire and Dx10 support to play Cyrsis :P, man can it tear up games on the windows side but the gfx drivers havent caught up on the Osx side yet.
Er, make that the line IN jack!




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