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looking for a dead eMate 300, MessagePad 2000 or 2100

Hello all
I'm looking for a cheep or free, dead or working e-mate 300.
I need it to replace the screen on mine which was cracked in
an unfortunate boating accident.
Also a MessagePad 2000 or 2100 will work.


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Hello. I'm from Argentina. Here, in my country, in a business of old computers and used computers, they sell several MessagePad 2100, some of these MessagePad 2100 comes with original charger and in very good condition and working (I bought 3 of these MessagePad 2100 and, although the battery is exhausted, with charging function). They are at a great price. They sell these MessagePad 2100 to $ 50. - (Pesos), something like less than U $ S 10. -. I do not think it is convenient to you buy these MessagePad 2100 directly to them (with web site), because if they come to realize that you're in the USA, they will probably want to sell this MessagePad 2100 to U$S 50. -. I never sent a product to USA ... But, if I can do something to send some of those MessagePad 2100, I have no commercial interest in selling the MessagePad 2100. My idea is to buy a MessagePad 2100 to $ 50. - (Less than U$S 10. -) and you pay me the price and shipping. Me too I can tell you the name of the website, so you can ensure you that the price is what I say. I hope I can help you, if you have not gotten a MessagePad. Greetings.

Do post a link to the website, please…

wow i'd take one for 10usd.

Heck, I'd take one for $50…

Interesting. Is that the only one available? I've been looking around for a 2000 lately.…

That considered, it says it doesn't include the cable to connect to a "pc"…

Referring to the InterConnect serial dongle, which costs quite a bit on  it's own.

I am interested. How much is for a working Newton or eMate sending to Singapore? I can pay you when received via PayPal.

If your deal works out, Maybe I'll try to get one… :)

Yesterday, I have spoke with them... There's anything about MessagePad... All of those used MesaagePad 2100 are sold... And ALL of Macintosh products, are sold, TOO... Very sad for me... I want to buy some used Mac, but they said to me that there's NO MORE Macintosh products right now.

I promise to talk with them and ask them if they can call me back when they have a Macintosh .

Ah, that's sad… Wonder where they got them from in the first place…




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