Where great old Macs live again!

James and John interview Dan Budiac, owner of a brand-new Apple //c. eBay auctions include an Apple sales award and a Macintosh Portable. James & John also present Part Two of their visit to the Computer History Museum.

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Great Episode...i actually own many new in shrink wrap vintage apple items. I got a few new Apple IIe including monitors and discs. Also, a bran new
Apple IIc including the original monitor modem and stand! a new
Newtons...and many more:)
Awesome. I am glad that Dan unboxed his Apple //c and set it up and is using it. I have two Apple //c's, and I love them, they are great little machines, and very retro! One is hooked up to a monochrome green monitor, and the other is hooked into my 13" color TV. Neither were bought New in the Box, but both were inexpensive Ebay acquisitions. I like to use AppleWorks on mine, as well as play some vintage computer games.




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