Where great old Macs live again! says that IIsi's want 800K or SuperDrive external floppy drives. Is this because of an HFS vs MFS incompatibility?

However, is there any danger to the IIsi in hooking up an external 400k floppy drive (the kind used originally on the Mac 128?)

I don't need to do anything other than read from the 400K drive - as in to make disk images with Disk Copy 4.2 or to copy disks with Copy II Mac... whilst in System 6.0.8.

(This is for a data recovery project on marginal disks. We suspect that SuperDrives can't properly read the disks but 400k/800k drives might. I don't have any external 800k drives, but I do have a couple of 400k drives.)

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I wish I had a definitive answer on this. My guess is the worst that would happen is it wouldn't work. I can't imagine you'd cause any damage. Cross your fingers and hope for the best?!?
I Envy you for having a working 400k drive . . .

But I'm just guessing that it wont work, as i remember reading somewhere that 400k drives only work with a couple of macs.
But i coul! be wrong.

Good luck any who !
I guess I'll go ahead and try it and I'll post back the results.

I'll first try it with some known good 400k disks. I don't actually know that my external 400k drives work or not just yet. :-)
(I bought these on ebay as spare 400k mechanisms for my Lisas a few years ago - they were around $30 back then.)

If you have 400k drives, they're not too hard to repair. see:

One thing to be aware of is that the top part of the arm doesn't have a r/w head. Instead it has a bit of felt. If you ever stick a head cleaning diskette, more than likely the felt will catch on the disk and be ripped away. Once you do that, no disk will be readable anymore. Ted Hodges repaired his with a Q-tip head. However, I hear that John Woodall (of Vintage Micros) has replacements for these now.

So if that's the problem with your drive, it should be an easy fix.
So looks like I don't need to do this at all It's still an interesting question, so I might revisit this later.

However, I was able to read in all of the disks with the superdrive in my TAM. I suspect the originals were ok, but perhaps the drive their own used was misaligned or dirty.




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