Where great old Macs live again!

James and John present the first part of their visit to the DigiBarn Computer Museum with a look a the preliminary Macintosh Business Plan. eBay auctions include a Macintosh TV bundle, a Duo 270c, and new Apple iron-on patches.

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I love the Digibarn story about the creation of the Mac business plan document on the Xerox PARC machine. Priceless.

Your fade to the mothership announcement at the end of that story was interesting. When first listening to it, made me think he was about to say something that Apple or Xerox legal might find interesting! (Maybe he did??)

Keep up the good work!
Actually, we got cut short so it ended a little prematurely.
It's fascinating stuff, James and John. Your interviewee really shed a lot of light on those early days. I'm looking forward to hearing part 2 on the next podcast.

Well done!





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