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That is a nice set of Apple and Apple-like hardware. If only some coverage of Commodore and Atari machines of the era was involved you'd have a great 6502 collection. Please don't go out and get more. You already have more than most of us can imagine. I'm going to look around at that Basis 108. That sounds like a beast of a machine.

Old-Computers has a write up here. Even they just say "heavy"

Funny in that pic that the drives look like standard Apple Disk ][ units - the old heavy ones.
Regarding the Basis 108, the magazine ad for it actually has two Disk II drives placed in it - both of them still showing the Apple logo. But among my three units, none of them has Disk II drives - just your mix of compatibles.

As for other 6502 systems, I've never even touched a Commodore or Atari system. Friends of mine in high school had them. So yeah, I'm not interested in anything but Apple IIs and compatibles.

Here are three computers I used to own, but sold: IIe-to-IIgs upgrade, Bell & Howell II+, and the Trackstar Plus IIe card installed in an IBM PS/2.
Apple III experts!

I have a functional Apple III, but the power supply just now burned out - literally. The usual pop sound, followed by black smoke. Even with the smoke coming out, the system was still running, so I'm positive the logic board is still good.

I'm looking to either purchase a replacement power supply, or pay someone to repair the power supply that I have.

That's a common problem with old power supplies - the big capacitors are dried out and popped. If you have soldering skills, you should be able to replace them. A power supply recently went for $20some on ePay... . I could give it a try if you don't want to go for it...
I'd really appreciate it if you could help me replace the cap(s) on this power supply. I went ahead and took photos of it. It appears to be the cap right near the power connection to the AC.

Here are more photos of the rest of the power supply - both top and bottom, so you can inspect and see if there are other possible problems with it. I have higher res shots if you need even more of a close-up on anything.

Finally found the thread on comp.sys.apple2 that talked about capacitor replacement in the ///... Google search isn't behaving normally these days. Here is a great discussion:
With more consultation, this is a better replacement part:
I've got to mail you some macadamia nuts because the first part you suggested worked just fine. I bought the cap from a local electronics store. Took me just a few minutes to remove the bad cap and solder in the new cap. I've been running the III now for about two hours, and so far no problem.

Next repair project is my Apple Lisa 2... Possibly the same cap issue because the smell and the smoke was identical to what happened to the III.
I bet it is... this is a very common failure mode for older power supplies.




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