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My latest ebay acquisition is a Quadra 950, a bit of a beast by all accounts I've read. Are there any members who have one of these, I like to hear of any experiences, or problems you have with this Mac, I will need to get a network card for it and I am hoping to run AU/X 3.01 on it, my goal is to setup a web server on it.

here is the ebay auction description on it
I’m hoping to take delivery of it next Thursday so I waiting like excitedly and impatiently for it to come.
I have one, but since it is one of so many, it hasn't seen any use since I bought it and checked it out for functionality. Check out Episode 37 for our coverage on the 950.
Wow, you did pretty well there... (I recently picked up a Quadra 700 for about the same price; it's now running A/UX 3.1, and once I up its RAM from 20MB to 68MB, I'll probably install thttpd and some kind of a(n Apple-related?) BBS and/or multi-user text adventure-come-chat room on it.
But I digress... The thing that caught my attention here was your plan to get another network card for it — I believe that all of the Quadras came with an integrated NIC, and the 700s and the 950s definitely did, so all you need is an AAUI adapter. (Or, if you have a standard AUI adapter and you can source the appropriate connector [or don't mind soldering in a new one], you could just make up your own adapter cable.)
Good luck with the 950, and have fun with A/UX!
Cool! I never knew that something like thhtpd existed for A/UX. I might have another go with A/UX on my Quadra 650 and run my family homepage through there. I know that I might have to compile it, but if it works then I should be golden. Thanks for the info.
I saw that auction and was very tempted, but was held back by the fact that I currently don't have the space for such a monster tower! From what I've read though they sound like brilliant 68K machines and have plenty of scope for upgrades, expansions and customisation. It would make a great web server, either with the original hard drive or with a more modern 68 pin SCSI drive (which can be attached through an inexpensive adaptor).
I've always loved the design of the Quadra 900 series. Very serious in its angular designs....reminds me a lot of the IBM servers and workstations that still exist out there. You could tell that it meant business.

I also like the design of the IIvx, which is what the 650 versions Quadra and Centris use. Sleek and slim compared to some other models, while still maintaining a professional look. Some people were quite turned off by that design, but I find it quite appealing.
I like the clean lines as well. It is very obvious that Apple was trying hard to be treated as a serious computer company and fit into the office environment with these designs though.
yes I realized afterwards that it has a built in AAUI ethernet port and I have an adapter for that... can't wait for it to come.
I believe that you can get the apache server to run on AU/X 3.01
My Quadra 950 is one of my favorite classic macs plus its oced to 40mhz and the ram is maxed out. It runs system 7 great
I got the Quadra 950 and after cleaning about 10 years of dust from the insides and inspecting everything it booted up first time and all seems to be working ok, the only problem I have is it doesn't have a cdrom drive so I will need to get one before I can install AU/X 3.1 on it, it has a 64MB of ram and a 1GB HD.
So if anybody has a spare apple scsi cdrom drive.
anybody know where I can get one of these in the UK if not I will get this one

It's for the Quadra that I bought
Are you still looking for a drive? I just found this one on eBay, good looking caddy loading drive which includes caddy, cables etc. Nice low start price too.
eBay auction link




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