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Discuss the various models of the Mac II line, Centris, and Quadra Macs.

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Was the Centris 610 ever covered on the show? My first time really using a Mac was when I worked in the Residence Hall Computer Labs at Northern Illinois University. There was a Centris 610 at the Help Desk so we could support the one lab of Mac computers. I was really the only one who used it, preferring the experience of surfing the nascent World Wide Web on Mac OS to the Windows 95 machine next to it.
I don't believe we covered the Centris 610 yet. The Centris 610 was one of the Macs I purchased new. It replaced my LCIII. I couldn't afford a Quadra so the Centris was the most Mac I could buy at the time. I didn't have it long before I upgraded to a 6100/66/DOS.




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