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Has anyone had any problems with their G3 AIO booting after opening it up?
Here is my situation: I have one of these (233 MHz without optional zip drive installed). I opened it up one time (i.e. pulled out the motherboard on the tray, pretty cool actually), and now when I try to boot it it hangs almost every time ( a blank grey screen in Mac OS 9, before the happy mac appears). What is weird is when I loosen or tighten the screws that hold the tray in, it will then boot. It is maddening, really, because even if I loosen them or tighten them and get it to boot, it inevitably does the same thing the next time I try to boot it. What is going on here?
I've never had any problems after opening mine up. It sounds like something is loose in your hard drive connections. Perhaps the tray is hitting a ribbon cable somewhere?
I have a 266MHz one, ni ZIP and the Wings card and fortunately i haven't had these problems. I have heard a lot of problems like this though, and i'm kinda scared ):
Mine freezes after booting every time, and it won't unfreeze.

clean all the (gold) contacts of the board, both sides with a clean pencil eraser

same for the ram & vram, remove them, clean contacts, replace them

blow out the slots

Reset the Logic Board

1 Unplug the computer. 

2 Remove the battery from the logic board. 

3 Disconnect the power supply cable from the logic board and then press the Cuda Reset button. 

4 Wait at least 10 minutes before replacing the battery. 

5 Make sure the battery is installed in the correct +/- direction.

what is the cuda button?  thanks!

The Cuda Chip 

The Cuda is a microcontroller chip. Its function is to 

•Turn system power on and off 

•Manage system resets from various commands 

•Maintain parameter RAM (PRAM) 

•Manage the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) 

•Manage the real-time clock 

use the service guide of the mac to find the cuda chip

resetting procedures may be different for macs

i wonder what CUDA stands for :)

Capacitive Unit Discharge ASIC 

thanks!  so it discharges some capacitors :)

hey why does my powerbook 170 do this sir , if you can tell me i will be really happy!

then after 20 to 30 minutes it does this on me!

As far as I can see ....

is there a floppy in the disk drive with name : Network Access 

with a system folder on the floppy

and no HD or not working HD ?

after finding a booatable system, the portable get started up slow, slow from the floppy

im talking about the tunnel vision on the screen…   and yes the hard drive is bad :)  but my main concern is the screen goes black around the corner and edges after about 20 minutes of use…    




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