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I'm curious if some of the retro folks out there have loaded up Leopard on their G4 power macs and had some stories to tell about the performance

I've finished a 6 month project of turning a 400mhz sawtooth into basically a 1ghz quicksilver, courtesy of a sonnet upgrade, along with some other changes, including upgrading the video card to a 64mb ATI card and a USB 2.0 card. I've threw in a 120 mb HD in the main bus and have a couple other drives in the empty slot. The DVD drive was replaced with a new DVD burner. I have a gig of ram to boot.

I'm thinking of throwing in another gig of ram before I upgrade. Any thoughts?
I installed Leopard on a dual 867MHz MDD, but I experienced some odd freezing problems that I never could find the cause. Eventually I reverted back to 10.4. With 1.5GB of RAM, Leopard seemed to be pretty responsive for the time I used it. I would think bus speed might start to hurt you on that Sawtooth, but it is worth a try!
I have been toying with the idea of hacking Leopard onto my 466MHz G4 Digital Audio, but since it is my main machine I'm quite reluctant to do so in case it cripples it. Currently my G4 is well up to the tasks I throw at it and it purrs along happily with 10.4.
I wouldn't do it. Actually, I'm surprised you've got 10.4 running smoothly -- you must have it loaded with RAM. Leave a good thing alone!
I'd tend to agree with you on that note James. I noticed a big difference in upping the RAM on my Sawtooth and how well tiger worked between, say 512 and 1Gb. that's why I'd figure on needing more if a discussion was on the table. It's a shame though-at least as far as I know- that you can't turn off dashboard or spotlight natively. Those to me are the 2 big issues with Tiger and say a G3 or an early G4.

But MacMan I can't say enough about this Sonnet processor upgrade. I got the 1Ghz model off of for 162 (under retail) and it made a world of difference. I think even if it was 200 it was well worth the price to eek out some more time for the machine. I realize, though the bus speeds are killing further performance boosts. You might see if you could sneak a Quicksilver off of ebay for the same price. You in some cases could transfer some of the componants (RAM, HD, etc) and get a better machine that would be close to being Leopard ready.

At the end of the day, you, like me, still have to weigh in the cost of Leopard as a factor. Are we really getting the money's worth just to be in with the now crowd? Only the individual Retro Mac owner can answer that question.
I upped the RAM in my G4 Digital Audio a while back to 768MB (3 x 256MB) before installing Tiger. It runs pretty smoothly and doesn't really struggle with anything I use it for (mostly internet, music, light photo editing etc). I have been considering a CPU upgrade for a while so I may get one of these Sonnets at some point. Then again, if I have some spare cash I might invest in a second-hand Quicksilver, MDD or even a PowerMac G5. I'm quite attracted to the towers as I currently have two 160GB hard drives and a number of PCI cards installed, which i would really like to transfer over to any future machine.

Although Leopard is nice I can live without most of it's features. Spaces is probably the most useful for me but other than that I'm not too bothered. 10.4 is the most solid-feeling version of OS X I have used and I'm going to be a stickler for the time being!
I've got Leopard running on my Dual 533MHz Digital Audio! It's only got 768MB RAM but I only use it for HD storage and burning discs. It's running headless next to my G5.
please tell me how because I have a copy of leopard that I want to get running
search for LeopardAssist on Google.
I searched it and it worked. It's a little slow but it's worth it. Thanks for telling me about leopard assist.
I have a G4 Digital Audio running leopard, but then its hardly standard. It's current running a Sonnet ST 1.8ghz Processor and 1.25gb of RAM oh and a Radeon 9800 pro. Runs beautifully, no better or worse than my fathers Mac Mini (2.0ghz Core 2 Duo)
I just got a G4 Digital Audio, it has 384 MB RAM, but I'd like to put Tiger on it. It's got 10.2.6 now, but I'd like to go up to 10.4. I'm wondering if I can install it with the Tiger DVD via Firewire Target mode and a G4 iBook since I only have the CD drive on the tower. Any thoughts?




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