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Thanks, Greg. Switched the drives, but no luck. Took it to a Recycler shop and had the power supply tested. It was the culprit :( so I got it replaced. I'm lucky to have a Mac tech in the Cincinnati area.
Took a shot there, but at least you're back up. BTW what was the service charge?
It was about $90 including installation, about the cost of an ebay seller, but he put it in and tested it for me.
Good price, places around here would charge 120-130/hour not including components.
I think I may have some issues with the power supply on my digital audio. Do you recall anything weird happening before you swapped out the drives. I also did a superdrive transplant on a DA and so far, so good. I moved last week and finally made the time yesterday to set up my DA, it didn't want to boot (light came on for a moment, then faded out, no chime). I made sure all the ram was seated and jostled a couple of cables, then she booted fine.
I didn't get any warning about my power supply going out. It was fine, I swapped drives, then it didn't work.
I've had trouble with the 2nd HD in the DA so I removed it--now it doesn't know the original HD is in there. Guess I need to fiddle with the cables inside. That ribbon cable is mysterious to me. I don't know if it's the cable or the way I've got it plugged in, but it seems to have a mind of it's own.
This sounds more like an old wives tale, but i've had more problems with doing routine upgrades and swaps than I have when I did major overhaul stuff. Older Macs seem to be fine until things change on the inside. But loose cables and ram are always the first suspect to me. Sometimes, just unplugging and re-plugging does the trick. Just play the Ghost in the Machine CD from the Police while you're working and things should be just fine.
After plugging the ribbon cable in every which way with no success, I put the old drive in again the way it was, and it booted up from the newer good HD. Go figure. I suspect jumper settings, but I don't even want to get into that. I might try getting a new ribbon cable just to see what happens.

Maybe this is a topic for a new forum, but as an audio buff, I have always appreciated a good quality cable or speaker wire. Doesn't seem like there is anything like that in the computer world. Only seems logical that with all that data flying around so fast, that a really good cable and power cord would be essential. Ever heard of any quality upgrades? Might scare off some ghosts I would think!
You know, swapping IDE cables is not such a bad idea when troubleshooting, as you have to eliminate as many variables as you can. They come pretty cheap and can be gotten from ebay, or from a local apple repair store, big box store, etc. The only deal breaker to me would be if there was a problem on the motherboard.
Has there been a discussion here about the (128 gig) HD size limitations on early G4s? I've gotten mixed info and no success with this. I have an early G4 with dual 500 mhz processors and 2 gb ram running Panther (nicely, btw) and I've tried using 3rd party IDE controller card, external Firewire cases, external USB 2.0 drive enclosures various drives having been partitioned on a newer mac, some software that was supposed to help from OTW computing (?) still my 250 GB drive is stuck on 128. Partitioned drives only show the first 128gb partition. Is there a workaround, or am i just being greedy? Sorry if I'm off topic, still lernin' this forum thing.
anyone elses out there with a Digital Audio Dual 533? I noticed that on this machine, my main hard drive was sitting below the optical drive (where the zip drive was stored in prior models. I was planning on adding an internal zip to it, but when I removed the drive and placed it on the lower rack, the machine didn't boot at all. I placed it back in and everything works fine.

Am I missing something here or did Apple design it that way. I guess i'll get a zip and faceplate for my sawtooth then.
I have a powermac G4 533MHZ digital audio. We bought a family pack of leopard and I was wondering if anybody knew any hacks to get it on there.




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