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Hi everyone. I plan on picking up a quicksilver from a local school district this weekend. I have a couple questions about it.

1. Coming form a school, it is more likely to be a 2002ED model, but I have never seen or heard about this model until I started looking into quicksilvers. Can someone tell me what kind of specs to expect if it is a 2002ED? what CPU speed, single or dual CPUs, how much standard ram, hard drive space, optical drive, and if it came with the zip 250 option.

2. The unit I am picking up I was told has a suspected bad power supply. If that is the case, could I swap one in from a B&W G3? I have about a half dozen of those beasts sitting around, and am typing this from one. I know you can convert both to regular ATX power supplies, but they both seem to use the same Apple proprietary derivative of the ATX standard.

Can't wait to get this. Not my first G4, but my first G4 powermac, and the first desktop I will own with built in wifi support. Finally, one of my original airport cards can do something again. Been feeling kind of worthless since my last Pismo died.
You can check the date on the back of the Tower next to where it reads 'Apple Computer' to find it's date (2001, 2002, etc. According to, it looks like the 3 flavors of the Quicksilver came between 01-02 and can go from 733-933mhz (there is one 800Mhz Dual Processor model). The later models would be a better find because they supported larger hard drives and obviously the 933 would support Leopard.

Since yer G3 probably has the PC100 SDRAM, it would probably work fine in the QS although the PC133 works best for them and you should be able to take 'er up to 2GB with 4 512 MB sims. They are not as cheap as newer ram though, so be careful how much you put into it.

QS's also have AGP video cards which you can get off of ebay, and you can grab a belkin PCI usb 2.0 card from any office supply to add some faster ports.

As far as the Power suppy is concerned, you seem to know more than me so I would defer on that note.

I added a sonnet processor upgrade to get my sawtooth to 1GHz, but they stopped making it. Newer technologies still carries the upgrade chips though.

Once again, be careful of how much you put into it. The best bang for the buck is in a video card upgrade and ram. anything under a 64mb vid card will choke on online video. 128 cards are better, but they are a little more expensive. Once again- look to ebay for price ranges.

I went that route when I first got the sawtooth, because the ATI rage Pro was seriously underpowered for this day and age. To be honest with you, you'd be better served with a 64MB card, or even better a 128MB card like the ATI Radeon 9200, 9700 or 9800.

Sad truth is video on the web (and graphics heavy apps like Google Earth) are the driving force behind putting more money into your machine, not so much the ram and HD's like before.

I wince when I look at my son's beat up Toshiba laptop whose integrated video runs circles around the G4 I soaked my heart and money into.
I know, but this one seemes to be a progress for one Euro.
And I will never ever hpoe anything again :-)
Can't argue with that price! Rock on mein freund.

Two different cards with the same name (except for the 'Radeon') !?
The card arrived - it does exactly what I wanted it to -
using GoogleEarth is possible now.
I call this well spent money.
I need to update my vid card on a Digital Audio Dual 533. Any suggestions on where I can find one besides or ebay?
I bought 2 cards for my sawtooth through AppleMacanix's ebay store:

They are good on the turnaround and the prices are about as good as you'll find. What were you looking for?
Weird optical drive stuff happening in iTunes.

My 450 Sawtooth runs flawlessly except for when I put a music CD in and try to play it in iTunes 9.2. It'll start, but it's like the drive won't start turning. Then iTunes beachballs and nothing happens. Have to force quit it. Same thing happens when importing.

I've got 10.4.11 going here, with 1.5GB of RAM. The drive is a DVD/CDRW combo. Bootable and all. That's what concerns me... if I replace it, will I lose my ability to boot from my optical drive?
The question is how long has it been doing this and was it the original drive? I was able to source an upgrade to mine off of ebay, since the original drive was dog slow. I got a driver from this site

"PatchBurn is a tool to patch existing CD/DVD-drivers (under Mac-OS X 10.2.x) or to generate and install new device profiles (under Mac-OS 10.3.x and later) It allows many, otherwise unsupported burners to be used directly with Mac-OS X, iTunes and DiscBurner."

Of course any iTunes upgrade on older software is pretty much a dare at this point. my iBook g4 800 runs it fairly slow. I expect upgrades to stop at some point just because the hardware can't support it.

Hope this helps.
i got an Dual 867mhz MDD but might trade it for another powerbook g4 and a Quicksilver instead




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