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Is the G5 retro? If it is, here's where we'll discuss them.

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iMac Intel vs low-end Power Mac G5

How will a Power Mac G5 fair in an Intel world? I want to get a Macintosh that I can soup up - add buckets of ram, a huge hdd etc....

I'm looking at a desktop mac, and the G5 towers have started to become somewhat affordable. I'd probably be willing to spend as much as a 2006 Intel C2D iMac is worth on one. If the G5 is too 'slow' then I'd probably go with the iMac, but there's just something cool about owning a 'Pro' tower.
I'm afraid the G5's days are numbered in a modern, Intel world. Despite that, they still seem to fetch pretty good prices. The iMacs have gotten so powerful that I'm not sure the tower is justified unless you have a specific application that requires the highest computing power, many *internal* hard drives, super-fast video cards, or expansion slots for specialty peripherals.
My PowerMac G5 is definitely showing it's age. It's a Dual 2GHz with 6GB RAM and Leopard has been a bit of a test for it. My MacBook gives it a run for its money in certain tasks!

To be honest the best OS you can run on it is 10.4.11. It absolutely flew on mine.
Are the g5's retro? I'm late to the appletown :( my first mac was a G5 iMac iSight the model released just before the intel models. It still has a use in my house where we keep it in the Kitchen/Dining room area. My new Intel iMac is in my Den/Computer room. So tell me am I a owner of a retro mac? I intend to pick up some of the older models and spread them thru out the condo as well, ok so I'm a Single geek and dont have to worry about what a spouse may think of my decorating ideas :).
Not sure it's retro just yet (though maybe I'm in denial having bought a maxed out G5 tower just before the Intel annoucement!)

Still, that G5 is still 'screaming' in a speedy, rather than noisy kind of way, across the room. The difference between even the quickest PowerPC chips and Intels is marked though.
The noise is something I won't miss when the G5 eventually gets moved down the Mac food chain to be replaced by an Intel iMac. Every so often, it freaks out and fans start revving like it is getting ready to lift off. My G5 was maxed out when I bought it though it was a generation before the last G5s which had dual core processors.
I never had much problem with the imac getting noisy, but then mine was the last design of the ppc models maybe that has something to do with it?
I'd say if you can't find one retail from Apple, then it's retro. i've got a dual 2.0 ghz g5 tower at work... on a couple of occasions my CD black Macbook outperformed the G5!
Then I have to agree with macuser77 :) which means I do own a retro mac :) OK so only 1 retro but at least now I do !!!
At work I use a dual 2 Ghz G5 which, for the most part, handles Leopard very well. It's been a steady, reliable design and multimedia station for close to three years now. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm reluctant to upgrade to an intel system. I'd like to think I can get atleast another year (when snow leopard arrives) out of her, and maybe convince my work to let me buy the G5 from them when the valuation goes down further (but the IT dept. has been eyeing it for some time now). With 10.6 becoming intel only... further signs that support on the Power PC architecture is dwindling, in about a year, the prices on those things should drop to the floor.
Might have this one added to my home collection soon! We just upgraded to a Mac Pro at work!
I've owned a lot of Macs, but the PowerMac Dual G5 I purchased in 2004 has been the most reliable workhorse I've ever owned. It's also been the nicest looking. I just love that "cheese-grater" design with it's heavy, solid aluminum case. And the inside is as nice looking as the outside. By far one of Apple's best designs. To me, it's a work of art.

I wanted to keep mine, but with the work I do, it's showing it's age... it's actually going on ebay this Thursday. I'm sure it has another good year left in it, but I just purchased a Dual Quad Mac Pro and have to part with the G5 to help pay for it! :( One reason I switched to the MP a bit early was because they kept that great case design. I was so afraid they would change it to something else. Maybe it would be better, but maybe not.

It originally came with Panther, but was upgraded to Tiger, then Leopard. Personally, I think Leopard ran the best on it (10.5.2). For those worried about it, I'm not convinced Snow Leopard will be the death of the PowerPC. When you do the math, there is still a large user base of PPC's out there that will still need support. I don't think Snow Leopard will drop the PPC products as many think it will.

For a good article on the subject, visit Daniel Dilger's article:

Enjoy that G5 as long as you can! They're great machines.




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