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They may not be Macs, but the Newton MessagePads were perfect companions to our Macs, and they are definitely retro!

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Anyone have any luck/stories connecting an older Message Pad (running Newton OS 1.3) to a Mac running OS X?
That's a good question. I'm not aware of a way to to interface a Newton MessagePad with anything other than OS 9, but I haven't been following that community closely either.
I've not been too close to the Newton community for a while either even though my trusty, somewhat battered 2100 is always in my bag and is used often.

I seem to remember a project to build a series of comms tools some time ago. I seem to remember a three letter name but can't remember it. Sorry.

It's worth remembering "Sloup" that can export Newton Soup entries down the serial port... (The Soup is the internal database that hold everything on the Newton, Names, Notes, everything.)

You would have to do piecing together but it could be do.

Can OS 1.3 send email? If so that could be an option.

There was also an OBEX tool that meant you could send things over IRDA but that may just be for OS2.

Oh, and there was also BlueTooth but again that may just be OS2.


Hi Mike,

I sent you a reply on one of your other discussions about connecting to OS X. I had heard that it is possible, but I don't know which software version the Newton needs to be running. There is a Newton List, for Newton Users who seem to have a lot of info. That would be the place to find out what you Newton can do.

This is a URL for some of the info. I'll try to find the site for sign up for the list.

Holy shit ! This guy has allot of Newtons -




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