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James and John present part two of their visit to the DigiBarn Computer Museum. eBay auctions include a rare Lisa collectible, the AppleDesign book, and a IIGS Woz paperweight. News includes a steampunked Mac mini.

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That steampunked mini is stunning.
I have one of the Lisa paperweights, and they are quite pretty in the right light. They're fairly small, I'd say about 2" square.

It is indeed Lucite and those are indeed highly reflective ball bearings... like with anything else of this nature, you really need to be careful when photographing it - the auction's pictures don't do it justice.

The ball bearings represent the "dots" in various Lisa related purple marketing and documentation materials, or possibly the 7 applications in 7/7, although the number of dots isn't always 7. <- middle left <- middle left again <- lower right <- lower middle

Similar dots can be seen on the Lisa 7 comets poster. ( ), but of course as all "comets" do, they have tails. :-)

The interesting thing is that some of these things have 4x4 (16 dots) and others are just lots of dots everywhere - as in the 2.0 LOS documentation pages and floppies...

The actual lucite cube has a 3x3 row of ball bearings, so 9 set at a diagonal incline... the Lisa text is embedded in the cube, however the white apple logo on one of the faces is painted on the outside (so the owner should practice care so as not to scratch it off.) :)

So I guess it's some sort of branding... the purple color, the handwritten Lisa logo script, the dots, etc.

With LOS 3.x however, all of the documentation materials look like the standard Mac materials, all white covers, screen shots, hand on a mouse, icons, etc... even the floppies lost their purple background and white dots design.
That was so funny when John was reading the eBay Pismo description with the slushy music dubbed over!
Great episode! I recently obtained a 32gig iPod Touch (had a 30 gig iPod Video before) and really enjoy the enhanced podcast features. It is very cool to have pictures of the various people who sent you emails and etc.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks! I need to remind everyone again that this is an enhanced podcast and therefore has links and pics embedded. It doubles my time producing the podcast so I'm always pleased to hear that some of our listeners are enjoying the extra effort.
It's probably best that I don't enjoy the enhancements, I'm usually driving. But I do when I'm at stoplights - at least until I start hearing horns.
My iPod is the 4th Gen "Clickwheel" model so I can't see any of the enhancements. I generally listen to the podcast on iTunes on my Mac as well though so I see pictures and follow links from there.
The Woz paperweight was mine. Interesting commentary. :-) I don't have a way to vouch for its authenticity - it was given to me by a client that knew I liked Apple stuff. I did find another instance of this paperweight on the net, here:

And so, since this was a giveaway - I suppose it makes sense that it didn't come with Apple Computer Co. logo packaging. They weren't going to sell them, and if they were given to internals - there's no need to brand them further. If I get commemorative thingies at work, they're never logo'd on the packaging - because that work gets outsourced to whomever can give us the best price on the particular bauble, whatever it is. We, like Apple, aren't in the bauble creation business. :-)
Hi James,
All of us at MacHEADS became big fans of the show. Thank you for keeping track and we hope to have news about release dates very soon.




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