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I've downloaded and installed System 7.5.3 on a Classic II, but it seems really pokey and runs out of memory when trying to enable File Sharing (4MB installed, 8MB with VM turned on). I'm looking to repurpose this little B&W gem into a little retro gaming system, with Mac games of that era (Prince of Persia, SimCity, and the like).

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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The Classic II I have is running quite nicely (I don't have much to compare it to, but it seems OK to use) with System 7.1. I've 'hacked' some components of 7.5 into it, such as the control strip and window shade. Just copy the extensions you need over to the 7.1 system folder, they'll run.

The system running it's bare essentials occupies around 1,3MB of memory, with some more bells and whistles (networking, control strip and such) I get it up to 1,6MB. It's great to run Clarisworks 1.0, DirecTex and some games!
Good to know. It seems that 7.5 is just too RAM hungry for this little guy.

I think 7.1 was a great OS. Nice and light.
Here's a link from, one of the best for old macs
No discussion of System 7 would be complete without a pointer to System7Today:
These are great sites. Thanks all!
If you don't mind going a little further back, System 6.0.8L absolutely flies on the Classic II. Mine boots in about 15 seconds flat under System 6. Not to mention that System 6 takes up minimal RAM, usually under 700k.

I'm reviving this thread, as I've revived my Classic II. :)

I have a RAM upgrade on the way from eBay so it'll take this beige wonder up to the maximum 10MB. I'm still running 7.5.3 but we shall see if this fixes those out of memory errors.




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