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James and John interview Charis Tsevis, the artist behind the fantastic Steve Jobs mosaics. eBay Finds are a set of slides and a badge from the Macintosh First One Hundred Days, a Macintosh IIci, and a Macquarium.

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Great podcast I realy enjoyed the interview with Charis. I'm not sure about the Mac IWipe or the Macquarium I just could not bring myself to deface old computers unless the were totaly Unrepairable.
You and me both! I keep waiting to come upon once that's already empty to do such a project. My iMacquarium was a replacement case so I didn't have to gut one.
HA! I actually purchased that AppleDesign book on eBay...

Then I purchased an Apple IIgs WOZ Special Edition......

Then one of the blue carrying cases for the classic style Macs...

Then a 1st Edition Apple II reference manual...

I have a problem.
... And likely no girlfriend or wife.

I suspect you'll run out of room soon at this rate. And probably still not have a girlfriend or wife.
Worse, I have a girlfriend-soon-to-be-wife. She supports it (when I express to her the very important value of the WOZ IIgs). And I have a storage space. Otherwise, yeah. Piles of boxes and no GFSTBW.

Does she have a sister?
Hi all!
First of all a huge THANK YOU to James and John for their call and their interview.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

If you have any kind of questions about mosaics, illustration, design or anything else, I would be happy to answer you.

Sorry, for my "greek" english.


Your English is significantly better than our Greek!
Thanks, Wholly Mindless.
If someone scans the slides, wouldn't that devalue the slides? Not good if they are investing in them hoping they'll increase in value with age.

Also I have uploaded photos of my T-shirt collection after hearing about the book of T-shirts. Is this the right podcast?

And thanks Mr Tsevis for uploading the Original Resolution. I'm going to hang it up at work.




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