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James and John continue their DigiBarn series with an Apple II based biofeedback device and the Woz Wonderbook. eBay auctions include a crystal Apple logo sales award and a set of educational slides introducing the Apple III.

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Hello! A few things...

1) I won that IIci w/ Portrait display on eBay.. Rob and I will be sharing custody as it is in Ohio.

2) Being a young geek at the time, 1992 was the year my high school purchased the new Power Macs, and I was trying to do 3D. I remember using Virtus VR and Virtus WalkThrough Pro as they were the only affordable 3D tools. KPT Bryce came out in 94, so that is too late to qualify. Hmm. I will make some calls and follow up on what I find!

Thanks for another great episode! - Josh
Okay, so a little bit more info..

- Wavefront made "Preview" and "Personal Visualizer" around that time, but I am not sure if it was for the Mac. I know Alias made more apps for Mac, but I don't
- I am looking for more info on Infini-D.
- Lightwave was out, but I do not believe it was a stand alone app until 1994.
- KPT Bryce was out in 1994.
- Virtus made a few programs, but I do not believe they did real "Animation".

Still looking into it...




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