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What's your best Thrift Store / Yard Sale / Side of the Road find?

I found a box of 45 800k floppies at a local goodwill the other day for $3. But my best find, ever was an Apple IIGS with a lot of cards in it for $10. A friend of mine found a iMac SE (600MHz) on the side of the road with nothing more wrong with it than a bad hard drive.

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That is AWESOME. I'll bet you told him many times before - watch where you're putting your feet... Now it includes "Hands".
I picked up "Pirates of Silicon Valley" in the used vhs bin at Blockbuster a few years ago, couldn't find it anywhere in town at the time and before I had discovered the power of Today my DVD version came in :)
My Best find was a Amiga 1000 and 1080 monitor at a local electronics store. I got it for $30.00
Now that's a sweet find. Probably the closest thing to a Mac. Certainly the only impressive competitor - Atari STs just felt like they were trying too hard. The video control on an Amiga was just totally crazy.




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