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Anyone else considering participating in the Retro Challenge Winter Warmup 2008?

If so, what project were you going to commit to?

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I noticed that the other day and was sorry that nobody tipped us off sooner. I'll have to read the rules and see if it is not too late to mobilize the troops.
It's pretty loose, more of a mutual commitment to do something Retro rather than a competition.

Heck, you and John already do enough Retro!
I'm in! Although I don't know what I'm going to do, yet. Hmmmm......
Has anyone thought of anything? it's getting REALLY close to time to announce that you've started the project.

I've toyed with the idea of remaking a game for the //gs (thanks to the ByteWorks guys and Syndicomm for making the best tools available).

I'd like to do it on the real hardware but I haven't managed to get my CD drive working on my GS yet. Guess I need to move the Atari 800 and Commodore 128. One advantage of doing it on an emulator is that I can do the whole thing (including the machine) on my 1G usb key. (grin)
With the stuff from, I don't really have to carry anything and could do it all online.
I finally thought of something. Here's my entery form:

Name/handle Mycroft
Country USA
Web Page URL http://
Blog URL

Describe your intended RetroChallenge goals and the equipment you will be using:

Mars is presently in retrograde, but remains in a good position for viewing throughout the month of January from my location. My plan is to make observations of Mars each night, weather permitting, and to post a daily update each night from my PowerBook 170.

My update will include an image depicting the position of Mars in relation to Earth each day using Orrery 1.2 and converted to a jpg image using JPEGView 3.3.1. I will sketch my observations of the planet using MacPaint 1.0 and make my notes in TeachText 1.2. This update will be created daily on the PowerBook 170.

The PowerBook 170 will go online each day for four hours, running MacHTTP 2.2, to make these observations available. The dial-up dynamic URL will be posted on the Blog URL above. At the conclusion of each day, the daily update will be posted to the blog from the 170 using Eudora 1.3.1.

My telescope is a small Cstar Stratus refractor, with which I should just be able to discern the disk of the planet. I may attempt some photographs using a 35 mm Fuji Discovery 500 zoom camera, which is approximately of the same era as the 170.
Wow, you're a lot more planned than I am. (grin)
I just hope I can do it. January was *already* going to be busy for me; now I have committed myself to standing outside in the cold every night! Oh, well. Such is the love of Macintosh. What do you have planned?
My hope was to write an implementation of Star Castles on my GS. But work is getting a bit weird with some moving deadlines so I don't know if I'll manage to do it.
That sounds like a winning idea. I hope you end up with the time to do it! Good luck!
I've got a test run in progress at, if you want to check it out.
Success! Awesome work.




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