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Anyone else considering participating in the Retro Challenge Winter Warmup 2008?

If so, what project were you going to commit to?

Retro Challenge Website

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Thanks! I'll "go live" sometime tomorrow.
Hi Mycroft - nice pages!

I can't wait to watch your live updates.


Thanks, JD!
I did not get in on the Winter Challenge, but I plan to participate with a Macintosh Portable this summer.

Right now the Macintosh Portable is non-functioning, but I plan on spending some time and money to get it going again. I think it just needs a battery pack (or another 9v power source) - I'm not sure if the hard drive is working or not. I picked it up for $20.00 at a hamfest - came with carry case, manuals, power cable and etc....

I'm thinking about programming a version of Eamon that will work natively on System 6 or System 7 - not emulated.

I remember plays lots of Eamon adventure games on the Apple IIe when I was in High School in the mid 80's.. back when I paid $5.00 for a single, blank floppy disk...

I will probably use Chipmonk basic.




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