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James and John give an introduction to Macintosh clones. eBay Finds are a sealed Apple //e, an Apple III from the original owner, and a complete set of Macworld magazines. The final DigiBarn segment includes a real IIGS Woz, the PowerExpress, and the Picasso box.

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Re: Fastest PowerPC processor:
The 604e was available in speeds up to 400MHz (, so the PowerExpress could theoretically have been a 604 machine, although given that it was a prototype, I would expect it to use engineering samples of the G3-family, which was introduced commercially in 1997.

For instance the IBM Power B50 uses a 375 MHz 604e cpu. I belive the fastest one used by Apple was the 9600/350.
The Victors Write The History Books.

How true this in in regards to the IIgs, and the comments from the last part of the DigiBarn interview. The Apple IIgs was available from Apple until December 1992. Not only did it have a real GUI, it was the first GUI from Apple with color support. The 8-Bit backwards compatibility were very well done. You could launch 8-bit Apple II software from the GS/OS finder, and you could even add custom icons for them. My Apple IIgs served me very well though most of my college days, using AppleWorks 5 for the Apple II. In fact, the only reason I got rid of my IIgs was that my internal Hard Drive / Power Supply started to fail, and I didn't want to spend the time needed to troubleshoot / fix it. Apple's discontinuation of the Apple IIgs was more a business decision than a technology decision. Apple had decided that Macintosh was the future, and killed the Apple II, almost by attrition. At least one of the last Apple II team members is still working at Apple, on the OS X finder team. The final straw for the Apple II was when (one of ?) the last Apple II DTS team members left Apple, never to be replaced.
Had Apple decided to merge the Apple II and Macintosh, they could have avoided alienating a large group of customers. Apple even flirted with supplying Apple IIgs emulation for customers that needed it. This was a full ROM 03 Apple IIgs in emulation. The emulator never shipped, but can be found online in a final beta that is / was more than useable on PPC Macs / in Classic.




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