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Hello Newton Users, I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with. What type of connector is at the top of the Newton 2100 next to the power adapter? I was surprised when I got and found it did not have a serial connection. I've been beaming my software packages from my 120 to the 2100, but there must be a better way and I'm guessing it has to do with the connection in question. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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That is the InterConnect port. You would need an adapter in order to connect it via a standard serial cable to your Mac. Another way to go is to get a PCMCIA card with ethernet or even wireless!
Ah, that is what that card was for..... I saw a PCMCIA card with an Ethernet connection and I wondered what it would be good for since most every computer has an Ethernet port, or one can be easily added. Duh, I should have made the connection.... uh, no pun intended, but it would have been a good one huh?

I did pick up a wireless card from eBay, and it arrived today as a matter of fact. Hmmm, that brings up the issue of software, drivers to be specific. Would the driver need to be Newton specific? Or PC card specific?

Thank you for the info.
The Newton can be connected in the ways that James suggests but there is also another way... The 2100's IrDA port can be used for communication with certain Macs (with the right software). For this you will need a Mac equipped with an infrared port, I'm almost certain your Wallstreet will have one but I am not very familiar with that model. A good piece of software is IrDA Package Installer, a Mac OS 8/9 application that can be downloaded from this page.

My MessagePad 2000 didn't come with the serial adaptor dongle so I have been using my PowerBook 3400c for package installation via infrared and it works a treat. Unfortunately the serial dongles seem to be very scarce on their own and are quite expensive, though maybe it is different in the USA.
Awesome! Found it straight away. Seems a very good thing that I came across that Wallstreet. But, I think I will have to wait to try it in about a week when my Wallstreet 2 arrives. I think the one I just got on eBay is going to be a parts machine. It seems to have some issues that will be, yet, another Tech Support question. I wonder if the IR on the TAM used for the TV/CD remote would work for file transfer, I will have to try that.

Yes, the serial dongles must be scarce, I don't think I've seen one, ever.

Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated.
Ok, the answer to the question, can the IR on the TAM be used for file transfer. That would be, No. But, trying to install the IrDA package Installer will cause your TAM to make horrible, Ungodly horrible noises. So, no. I won't be using my TAM for IR transfers. Best work on the Wallstreet instead.

See, we try things, and we learn. And if our computers scream at us, we learn not to do that thing again. ;-}

All is well once again.
I know that some of the earlier PowerMacs with IR ports didn't use the IrDA standard and instead used a different (and incompatible) one. Certainly the 6xx, 5xxx and 6xxx machines fall into this catagory and possibly the TAM does as well. This is also true of some of the first PowerBook to feature infrared ports and this seems to be true up to and including the PowerBook 1400. It's unfortunate and it took me hours of experimenting to discover this. However, the later PowerBooks from the 3400 through the G3s seem to be IrDA compatible, I'm not entirely sure whether the G4s are but I'll try connecting to a Newton with my TiBook soon to see if it can be done. :-)
Thanks, I'll check back and see what you found. Thanks for all your help.
Hi MacMan,

I tried the IR connection between my Newt 2100, and my Wallstreet's IR port, and have not gotten a connection yet. I thought it connected once, the connection said 'Newton' once, then not again. I'll keep working on it.




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