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We set an RMC record with this one as the longest podcast we've ever done. If you like short and sweet episodes, I apologize! If you can't get enough, you're welcome!

I didn't get it into the podcast, but I've attached a photo J.D. sent of an Apple Ethernet Hub.

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Wow! JD sure does have a Collection! I'd hate to see what his electric bill would be if he could run them all at once.
In general I like that your podcasts are short. 10 - 15 minutes is ideal. Not that you are asking...
45-60 is great.
I prefer them short too. They're easier to edit that way! I promise to make them a little more bite-sized in the future. 20-something minutes is usually what I strive to produce.
I was great that JD was on the podcast and covered the Pippin. He indeed is a great source of Mac knowledge.
Regarding show length - Because the shows are focused and they run long when awesome guests are available, I don't have much trouble with show length. What I do notice and lament is when there's no show!

10-15 minutes just can't cover some of these cool things. The ebay discussions I thought were going to be stupid but you guys have managed to get it just right - the cool stuff, the crazy stuff and done in a few minutes.

I'd say, please don't mess with what you seem to have pinned down. You don't have a rambling marathon of whining (like TWIT or Cranky Geeks) or just random crap (like Diggnation). Stay focused, stay true to your format and good stuff goes long (listeners do have a pause button and can pretend there's 5 episodes if they want) and the bad stuff goes short!




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