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James and John discuss the Motorola StarMax Macintosh clones. eBay Finds are an Apple Network Server, Yum Watch, and a Cap'n Crunch Whistle. They're also joined by Al DiBlasi who recently purchased a new-in-box Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh and opened it live online.

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The link to the Cap'n Crunch Whistle links to the Yum Watch. I just thought you should know.
Thanks for letting me know -- I fixed it though the Ning page might not refresh right away.
This was a really great episode you guys!!
Nice, lengthy and with lots of great content. The end-bit with the phone call was wonderful! :)
Thank you, and keep up the great work!!
I'm glad to hear at least one person stayed awake though the end and got to hear that little gem. That was how Al answered the phone when I first called him. Unfortunately, I wasn't recording, but he agreed to do it again.
Great! :)
Haha, I can imagine how that must have been! The remaining 40 seconds after the closing lines of the show made me curious, I'm so glad I kept listening because it was hilarious! :-D
That ending was hysterical!

Better, and better!

It just keeps getting better!

A fantastic show guys!
Whoa! ROFLMAO!! Tan-zany-a? It's actually TAN-ZAH-NEE-YAH, like the country.




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