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Now that MacHEADS is complete, we had some time to look back and found a conversation we had with Ken and John co founders of the late 2 Guys, a Mac ,and a Website. For us it’s extremely interesting to look back at this memo. It’s dated to 2006 as part of our film research, and as you will see a lot of our conversation was base for the film’s thesis. We want to extend our gratitude to John and Ken.
in 2006 we had a feeling that Apple is going in a new direction and that the "fight for the Mac" is now a thing of the past now that Apple is more successful with products like iPods and iPhone, is it losing its faith as a community? Was Apple ever a part of that community? What do you think?

Here is the full iChat log -

MH - I saw on your website that you are "the Savior of the Mac way" What is your techniques in converting disbelievers?

2G - lol hehe ken? sure… I’ll take this
It’s really a combination of things, first you start by finding people who are open to change, not every one can switch to the mac… you have to explain why things are better on the mac side, and destroy the myths about macs. (lack of software, lack of upgrades)… show them the cool factor and how macs are actually cheaper over all, it’s pretty easier from there… On the website we do this by posting articles that are down to earth explanations of the technology vs windows. (done)

MH - do you feel you are on a mission?
2G- to some extent it feels like that… but we dont take it that seriously to the point of religious mission.I would agree, that’s a tough question. It’s not like we’re out to convert all the natives to christianity, but more like happily showing off to your buddies this thing that you love.

MH-What makes a Mac user? and how does he become a fanatic?

2G- I think it is the mac community, it’s a community that is very open and excited to spread the word to non-mac users…it becomes contagious… look at the last media event by apple and all the websites that had live blogging… have you ever seen anything like that for gateway, or dell? No no way.Part of being a mac user is the feeling that you’re essentially a minority, and are discriminated against. It’s gotten much better lately, but Mac users are still a huge minority…So that gives a feeling of brotherhood among Mac users, and that this apple Store is OUR store, y’know? I think early onwe may have been more fanatic, but we learned over the years to temper that - like Ken said apple is a company out to make money, so you can take that fandom only so far.
adding to that I agree with john, around 10 years ago, we probably were crazy fanatics, but with age comes a little more rationality . the way I see it apple went through 3 phases once the Mac was introduced…the early years when Jobs was still around and because of Jobs Apple both succeeded and was held back… I agree the dark years after Jobs was fired and Apple had no real leadership with any clear direction…and the new Apple after Jobs came back and introduced the iMac in may of 98… since then Apple has led the way in the computer industry.

MH -I’ve noticed you’re bashing Microsoft in your articles example : Why Leopard will be light years ahead of Vista.Why do you think Apple has opened Leopard system to Bootcamp (build in the OSX)? Don’t you feel that by running Xp on OSX Apple can become just another PC? Does it risks it image?

2G- actually I think it becomes a selling point. What you are able to tell people who are switching is “you can still run the software you have on your computer now if you need to” but as people start to get comfortable with the mac os they will probably decide they like the Mac OS better. nod yeah I think part of it is making sure Windows users are comfy with switching to a Mac, and I think allowing that can only be a positive for Apple.

MH - Do you agree that the iPod has become the Microsoft of the Mp3 players?
in terms of having a giant market share?

2G Sometimes its hard to remember that Apple is a company, and as a company it’s primary objective is to make money… it becomes a double standard, because if the shoe was on the other foot I am sure we would bash microsoft for doing it…apple isn’t perfect, and not everything they have done has been great… John and I both have horror stories from apple tech support/repairs…

MH-Now that the company is more successful, is it losing its faith as a community?

2G- Yeah it’s changed a lot esp. in the last few years I think…
As Apple grows in popularity the less *yours* it can be I guess …… I guess that’s also why 2 Guys has slowly declined in content…
we used to be about letting people know the things they didn’t but know, it’s everywhere. I guess it’s seeing in a global view Like everything I feel has changed in the last 10 years. Like everything,John and i had a conversation about 9 months ago about this, and it was a turning point for 2 guys… We started as a Mac evangelists, and now Apple agreed is really starting to become widely accepted and we feel that there isn’t the need for mac evangelism as there once was when we started. Apple is more of a widely accepted beast now, and the need to spread the word isn’t as necessary… it’s like Family guy…
right maybe more like a slide from socialism to capitalism
lol that is a great anaolgy when Family Guy started it was a great show, I was a fan from episode one… but no one watched it…I know what you mean
Fox killed the show, and cartoon network picked them up, all the sudden it was popularI still convince myself to laugh from it now Family guy is back on Fox, and while it is still funny, it just doesn’t seem as good as it was before…

MH - What will happen in this year’s Macworld expo, what will be the “oooo and one more thing” ?

2G - ooo good one iPhone Leopard? an ipod the size of 2 human hairs with a holographic display and 200 tb storage lmao(iPod inviso?)I think we should get cosmic stan out for this one. iTV possibly, or a new TRUE video ipod

MH - I can’t thank you enough for doing this

2G - it’s been fun and revitalizing to tell the truth I agree, I really appreciate the opportunity, thanks Kobi.

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