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I won a Quicktake 100 camera on eBay.
I haven't yet received it, but I have a few questions already. It says it connects via a serial port here in the Apple pdf : on page 25. I've checked my various Macs for one of these ports and I'm not having much luck. The only thing that looks like one is on my Blue and White's education video card. I think possibly the third one might be one, but upside down, I hope. Here is a photo of the video card:
I know I have to use OS 9, which I can install onto one of the Blue and Whites. They both have this video card in the second slot. I have added the VGA video card to the first slot on one and will be adding it to the second one as soon as the card arrives in the mail, so I am not using the education cards for display connectivity. If this is not the right kind of serial port, are there cards that I can install in any of my Macs? The oldest Macs I have are the Blue and Whites, but could Quicksilver or Sawtooth accept any kind of card that would work?
The camera does not come with the floppies with the software but I downloaded the files I hope will do the trick from mac driver museum :
If none of my Macs will work, I guess I will have to add to the collection again. Which Mac would be the least expensive model (bearing in mind that I don't have any displays older than VGA connectivity, so an old PowerBook may be the best route) that would work with this camera?

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The connection on your video card is the S-Video port. Unfortunately, there are no serial ports on the B&W -- it was the first desktop Mac to dispense with them. You'll have to either get a USB-serial adapter or pick up a slightly older Mac like a beige G3. They can be had for about $30 these days. A PowerBook with a serial port would do the trick too. The last one with a serial port was the PDQ. In your picture of the QuickTake, what is that in the upper-left corner?
It is an external battery pack according to the eBay listing. That photo is from the listing since I don't have the camera yet. I know it's not much of a camera, but it looked like a nice piece of Apple history and it doesn't take up too much space!! I hate my current Sony camera so much that I may actually use this camera quite a lot.

I found a WallStreet PowerBook 233 on eBay that looks like it'll do the trick. Low End Mac says it has the necessary "serial: 1 DIN-8 RS-422 port on back of computer." I wouldn't have minded a reason to look for a Pismo, but they are too new in this case... They cost a lot more, too. Down the road, I still want a Pismo because that bronze keyboard is so beautiful. The beige G3 would take up more space than I have, plus I would have to buy a display to connect to it.
The WallStreet is listed by the seller as a 266 in the longer description. He did put 233 in the specs at the top, but then details it further as a 266 WallStreet.
I doubt you'll want to use the QuickTake for anything more than novelty photos because the resolution is so low. It is amazing how far we have come since then. 640x480 isn't going to amaze anyone though.
It's the same resolution as the built in iSight cameras on the MacBooks. I know it's pretty low but just the fact that I took the pictures with something so old is going to amaze me. Most of my photos are shared by flipping thru my iPhone anyways. The iPhone's resolution is six times greater, for comparison. My Sony camera just has the worst colors ever. Someday I'll listen to my husband and get the canon he insists will be good for my modest camera needs. I actually take the bulk of my photos with my iPhone since I always have it with me.
Mainly I just think it'll be really fun to use something so retro and it looks cool.
I used my Quicktake 200 at Macworld! Dont get me wrong I still brought a Canon Powershot . But one advantage the 200 has is a video out I was able to use my eyetv to capture the images. You can find the Quicktake software online and updates and software can be found on Apples legacy pages (hard to find) Get yourself a retro Mac and install 7.1 and get those pics off! Cheers bozie.tehpikchertayker
Hi Bo, I'd like to hear how you used your QuickTake 200 with your EyeTV. I have both, and would love to hear how you did that.
robert huttingers quicktake 200 video port image
[1] The quicktake 200 has a video port
EyeTV video port dongle
[2] use this port to connect to the video port of the EyeTV
[3] in EyeTV change the input to the external source
[4] put the camera into view mode
[5] hit record on EyeTV and go thru all the images you want
[6] a few options: open the file produced in Quicktime either take screenshots (command+shift+4, then drag the selection) or use some other application to scrape some 'vidcaps' from the video. You may even be able to use iMovie

hope this helps you out!
Does anyone have the software for the QuickTake 100? I've been reading everything on Google about this camera and it sounds as if the actual software may be unavailable for the Mac because of licensing (according to I have downloaded the files from as linked in my first post (cannot test them until camera arrives), and the files from Apple's website (which are only disk copiers and PhotoFlash upgrades according to I cannot find any software disks for sale anywhere. The general advice I am reading on all the forums is to find someone who actually has the disks and copy them.
I have a WallStreet PDQ PB on the way, running OS 9.2, that has the serial port needed to connect the camera. My OS 9 disk is the retail version of 9.2, too. I hope OS 9.2 is old enough. It says it can use up to OS 9.
The 100, 150 and 200s all have their own software, too, so I need specifically 100 software.

Hi Heather, congrats on your Wallstreet, and your QuickTake. I have seen the software, I may have it bookmarked. Or downloaded. I tend to download old software when I find it, and file it away on DVDs for future needs. I'll do a quick search and see what I can find.
Found it, it's at Apple's "Older Software Downloads" section, in the Displays-Peripheral section.

Name: QuickTake for Power Macintosh

Version: 1.0 (US Only)
Released: 1994 (Reposted January 27, 1997)
This is QuickTake 100 software for Power Macintosh users. It
is not intended for the QuickTake 150.
Let us know what happens.....




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