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Super RARE Early 1978 Apple ][ Brown Vinyl Carry Case!

An interesting item: Item #170236781507

Nice, but $1500.00 ?!

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Throw in the ][+ from this auction and 1200 doesn't seem so bad...
The 1500 is the Buy It Now. Some people have this delusion that just because something is old, someone will be crazy enough to buy it for a rediculously nebulous price.
...all though I'm sure not a single hardcore Apple fan has EVER overpaid for something.
Yeah, I'm raising my hand on that one, ha-ha!

I've gotten some good deals on my Apple colllection, but yeah, I've occasionally overpaid for something, but always been very happy with it in the long run.

I don't blame the guy. Sometimes, you never know, there'll be someone out there, for whom money is no object and they want it really bad. I'd do it too.




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