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iPhone : who's getting one tomorrow and what time are you joining the line?

I' m just wondering how many of us are getting a new iPhone tomorrow and if so what time you're joining the line.
I'm planning on getting to the AT&T store at midnite tonight. My friend went down to check things out this afternoon and there's a family of six who have been camping out with tent and hibachi since Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.

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I'm shooting for midnight myself. I'll be heartbroken if I'm not first.
So, you aren't bitter that what was $500 is coming down to $200 in less than a year? Or is it that the price drop for the new features is a good deal?

(I'm still a little bitter over the whole deal and I don't even own one!)
$500? Try $599 for the 8GB iPhone a year ago. No, I'm not bitter. People were bitter when the price dropped $200 after a few months, but I wasn't. I wouldn't mind if they dropped the price to $0 so everyone could afford one. The more iPhones, the more developers, the more accessories, the bigger the iPhone world.
It is an amazing piece of hardware (either version) and software (runs on both!) and an incredible example of vision and design. I'm glad that they made it at any price and the new price certainly makes it even more accessible .

Now all we need to do is get them to really open it up for other networks...
New technology is always very expensive when it first hits the market, like CD players, VCRs, Beta-Max machines, DVD players, DVD recorders, calculators, digital watches, digital cameras, etc., etc., etc..... The only way to get around it, is to wait for it to stop being new technology. I don't blame Apple for the high price when they first introduced the iPhone, it was new, and it isn't just a phone. People keep treating it like it's an expensive phone. It's a ultra-mini computer, that happens to have a camera, and a phone. That, to me, is worth the price.

I had a cell phone that had internet access, and I think I used it twice. Or, tried to use it twice and what a load of whooie that was. I'd much rather buy an ultra mini computer, that happens to have a camera, and a phone.

IMHO :-}
So what about you Heather? Success?
I got there at midnight with my friend Mike and we were eighth and ninth in line. We were the first ones out the door this morning with our brand new white iPhones!! The line was wrapped all the way around the building by 8 am and people were arriving non stop even as we left.
Which one did you get?
I also got a white iPhone so nobody has to ask me "8 or 16?". Plus, I think it is a more suitable color for the "Jesus Phone 2.0".
Does your wife understand the difference?

How long was your wait to get in (either of you) and how long was the process to get things squared away? Was it as nice an experience as the last time or not?
I was at a register at 0800 and took took about a half hour to get processed and even then, I wasn't activated. Last year when I got home and attempted to activate, it failed miserably and it took my 5 days to get it resolved. This time, it took a few hours after I got home. Yes, it is much improved.
Both this year and last year, my wait in line was about eight hours. That part was fun because it's fun to talk to the different people in line. I was really tired this time because it was an all nighter and I hadn't had much sleep all week. I preferred the daytime wait last year. Next time I'm going to get one of those rocking video game chairs because the standard canvas fold up chairs that make you sit up are not good for that long of a time.

This morning they were allowed to let only seven people in the store at a time. Being eighth in line, I had to wait a few minutes until they realized that two of the people already in were on a family plan together so they merged them. The first three in line thought they were eligible for the upgrade discount pricing, but they were still in the middle of their two year contracts; so they got delayed having to go though the process of paying full price after they tried to convince the manager that they were eligible when they were not. The family plan people all had difficulties because the family plans were not eligible for the iPhone so they were trying to find new plans for themselves while maintaing the rest of the families' plans the way they were. Then there were the new to AT&T customers who had to sign up, go through credit checks and port their numbers, etc. I was the first existing iPhone customer just upgrading so I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. The only delay I experienced was because no one knew that the iPhones would need new CIM cards and they did not know how to install them. Once they found the tool in the box, it took only two seconds to install the CIM card. They told me that I would still have to go home and activate my iPhone via iTunes because all they do is "unbrick it." I went home and activated it in about a minute using my Apple ID and then it began syncing all of my data over. That takes a long time, so I took a nap and when I woke up it was done and working perfectly. We have had very nasty storms all day, with heavy lightning (so much that I actually crawled around on the floor and unplugged my power and internet connections from the wall - this part of Florida is the lightning capital of the world and I've lost stuff to lightning damage from a phone line being struck by lightning back in the dial up days). Hopefully it is just because of the storms and heavy clouds that I am still seeing that dreaded Edge logo on my iPhone. The 3G is the reason I upgraded and we are in a 3G area, so it better emerge soon! I can get no more than two bars on the phone part, too, which is not normal, so I am hopeful that the storms are the culprit.

Last year, I was third in line and the first out the door with my new iPhone. All they did was sell a sealed box last year and we did all of the activation via iTunes. I was up and running within five minutes after connecting with iTunes!! I was already an AT&T customer then, too.

My experience was great both times. There were a lot of delays for the other people, but those were caused mainly by ignorance on their part, not AT&T's. AT&T and Apple sent out lots of emails and had links on their sites to check your eligibility, but those people thought they were above all that. Those are the people that complained loudly, trying to throw the blame away from themselves. My friend, Mike, was able to activate his phone via iTunes on his MBP with no problems.
Great! I'm glad it was went so smooth. My activation was very easy with the 1st Gen, but that was at Christmas last year. I'm sticking with my 1st Gen for a while. I'm waiting for a bigger hard drive.




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