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iPhone : who's getting one tomorrow and what time are you joining the line?

I' m just wondering how many of us are getting a new iPhone tomorrow and if so what time you're joining the line.
I'm planning on getting to the AT&T store at midnite tonight. My friend went down to check things out this afternoon and there's a family of six who have been camping out with tent and hibachi since Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.

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It is kinda hard to replace the 40-60G ipod with only 16g....
That it is. I still have to carry both my iPod and the iPhone. I ran into a guy at work this a.m. who said he sold his 'jail-broken' phone on eBay for a Grand! And I got to see his new iPhone. It's nice, it feels lighter, and the curved back does feel different. But, I want at least a 30g drive.
No, I haven't gotten a new iPhone, I still have over a year to go on my current contract with US Cellular and I'm perfectly happy with their service. AT&T's somewhat spotty coverage-wise out where I live in Iowa, it's good around the major population centers but otherwise they have what they call partner or no coverage at all. US Cellular has pretty good coverage just about everywhere in Iowa and the surrounding states.

I do have an iPod Touch, which I just upgraded to 2.0. It took several hours because of some trouble at Apple's end. So I'm playing with it to see what sort of new stuff it can do now.
I went over to my local Apple Store in Schaumburg, Illinois before work and snagged a few interviews with those in line. Sorry if this feels like a plug, but a quick link to the video is here

As of this afternoon there were lines in the Skokie Apple store as well. It looks like AT&T has made for some long lines for iPhone folks.
I went to the AT&T store in Davenport the other day, they had a few of the black 8g iPhones on display there, so I looked it over for a few minutes. Seemed like a pretty nice phone, had neat features like visual voicemail and a little sms app. If only Apple would let US Cellular sell iPhones...




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