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I was out for dinner on Smith St. in Brooklyn the other night, and found a kind of...uh...different use for our beloved six-color logo.

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Why not? Apple's not using it. (grin)
The Jobs-Hammer is falling in 3... 2...
lol. Unless this guy can prove that multi-coloured apples grow on trees, he's in trouble.
Of course they're multi-color - they're organic. At least that's the excuse I always get when it looks funny...
Ha ha ha ha! I actually forgot about red apples. Cripes. I'm losing my mind.

Speaking of which - trying to get a good deal on 12" powerbook on eBay. Quite hard. Not as easy as finding a good deal on my PPC Mini Mac.
Yes, but purple and blue apples???
If you let them sit long enough they go many colors.




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