Where great old Macs live again!

Wow ten years ago today Steve Jobs introduced the world to the blue cased beauty. Wired has a nice little history of the iMac over the years here.

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Oh yea, you're right, it is. I like the little image time line of the all in one's.
I wish I had an iMac G3, trying to get them from my old school, or the recycling center.
And I think the iMac also marks the start of the switch from Macintosh to Mac as the most common name. In 1998, Steve Jobs called the iMac a Macintosh, not a Mac, but I started hearing Mac soon after. See this discussion on Mac Rumours.

I've never become comfortable with the word "Mac." If someone asks me what kind of computer I've got, I'll always say "Macintosh," even though I will say "eMac" if asked what model.

I guess I’m still stuck in the nineties, although I know Mac was used as a nickname way back in the beginning and I especially remember the Fat Mac. And every second piece of software was MacSomething.

I’m bit late but I am celebrating by buying one, an original Bondi Blue. my latest ebay acqusition
That is a very nice looking machine, great condition. It amazes me how cheap these can be on eBay these days.
Yes, and the shipping is usually more than the computer. A lot more.
I only paid £26($47) for it and no shipping cost involved as my daughter is going to pick it up as it is near where she lives and then she will bring it to me as she is due to come and visit me for a holiday next week.




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