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I should have done this a long time ago, but RMC now has an iPhone icon so if you had RMC to your home screen on an iPhone or iPod touch, you get a nice little icon. It could probably use some modifying and have the text removed, but one thing at a time.

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is there a Ning iPhone app? Or something that would make it easier to interact with the site?
There isn't an iPhone app or even an iPhone optimized site AFAIK. It would be nice though!
i found this on the ning blog.

Not too long ago/to go.
That is SO cool! I'll be waiting to get that as soon as it's available. Thanks for sharing.
I would find that extremely useful. iPhone Safari isn't really well suited to Ning.
It's a great addition to my iPod touch home screen. I agree that maybe a little text may have to go to make that little Mac "pop" on the screen, but it's sure a nice start!




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