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Is this a known issue? I've found one other forum topic on, but no proper idetification of the problem.

Basically, I've a new terabyte Western Digital drive, onto which I installed OS 10.3. When I run Startup Disk, from the OS X installer application running from the CD, I can select the Firewire drive. However, on bootup, the Cube doesn't recognise it. boooo!

So is it something about the Cube specifically? I dunno, I'm lost. I'm about to give up on modernising my Cube.

Also, what's the deal with Firewire Target Disk mode? Can I use it to boot my Cube from my mini mac? or what's that wizard, y'know when you start a Mac for the first time and it says 'Oh let's copy your stuff from an old Mac!'..... how do I get that to run again?

Anyway... thanks for listening to my ramblings.

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Different drive manufacturers use jumpers in different ways. Some have a jumper On for master, Off for slave. Others have a jumper in one position for master, next spot for slave, third spot for Cable Select.
Most drive companies have this on their respective web sites. If it's a Quantum, just remember they were bought by Maxtor.
Well, Heather... it's come to an end. After booting 8 ways from Sunday, and failing each time, I decided enough was enough and I'd take out the hard drive, buy a new one.

Looking at the IDE ribbon plugged into the hard drive, I noticed it was slightly crooked. I couldn't push it in any further. I disconnected the drive and noticed one of the god damn connector pins bent to hell, touching one of the other pins!!! With much care, I pushed back into an upright position, hoping I wouldn't break the pin completely.

Reconnected it, booted, OS9 loads. Phew. Ran 10.3 installer disk, ran disk first aid though Disk Utility, fixed one major problem, couldn't fix another major problem, finished the install successfully. Ta-da!

My saga has come to an end. My Cube is working. Heather, thank you so much for your time and patience on this.
Just reading this article:

Suggests that the base install of 10.3 doesn't have the right drivers for this FW800 drive. I think I'll resort to OS9, get the drive working on that, and then trying to boot from it.
Are you running the most up to date firware on the Cube? I think it is something like 4.1.9f? This is supposed to include better support for booting off firewire devices. You need to update firmware with OS 9.1 or better.
Im not sure if this was answered but here's my 2 cents.

A) Make sure the firewire drive is a MASTER on the jumper
B) Make sure its not a drive larger then 120GB
C) Make sure you used a 10.3 retail CD kit and not ibook cd's or the like..
D) If a, b and Care right, the unit should boot

(Its still possible you need a later firmware version on your cube to boot 10.3) If you have never had 10 installed on the cube you would need to upgrade the firmware via OS 9 before the unit will boot.) I believe only 10, 10.1 and 10.2 gave you an error message if you tried to install OS X onto a machine that machine that did not have the 4.19f firmware if memory serves me correct.
B) Make sure its not a drive larger then 120GB

Aha!! I had a feeling a 1 Terabyte drive was too much for it. Thanks dude.

I managed to get the whole thing up and running by booting from a 10.3 retail disk and doing a complete disk wipe (zeroing the drive) through Disk Utility on the installer CD. It's happily running 10.3 at the momement.

I've loaned the Cube to a friend who's evaluating new PCs. I said to him, if you using the Cube using 10.4, you believe what it's like having a new iMac.

Cheers to everyone for their help with this.




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