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alright this is getting ridiculous
it is literally impossible for me to get anything on ebay,

aside from the normal ebay tips do any of you guys have any good tips for getting macs on ebay when they do not contain a buy it now option
you guys must be masters at this by now and if any of you have some super secret tips please let me and the rest of the community know

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You only get 366k?
no i have like 20 mb/sec and ryan hates me for that
I have been having similar impossibilities. I was bidding on a very good deal for a Macintosh SE with lots of stuff, I was outbid by 4 other people within half a second, I had no time to respond... :(

I had this auto bidding software on my old PC, I can't remember what it was, but all I know was that it was really good. I'm not sure if they make it for Macintosh.




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