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Until I installed Twitteriffic on my iPhone my Twitter account languished. Now I'm addicted.

If you have a Twitter account leave your Twitter-name to follow fellow RMC members. You can use any cell phone to send updates!

PS: Beware the Fail-Whale!

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Twitter me: kenfagerdotcom
Twitteriffic changed things for myself aswell once I got my iPhone here in Canada.
Maybe I have been overllooking it but is there an account on Twitter for RMC?
sandbagger13 on Twitter
AppleIIGuy is me....
My "alter-ego" is called manuelmarque :). Lots of my updates are in Portuguese, but I make some others in English too :)!
I just signed up last night so I could follow Mac Rumors' coverage of the keynote but they got hacked today so there were no live updates after all.
My twitter id is HeatherNSB.
Hi, I got addicted a few months ago also, as Macworld was coming closer and thing were getting more interesting. Twitter: Pekingduk. Kathy.
My twitter name is RealaT
My Twitter name is macintosh512k
You can follow me. Twitter: RyeMAC3
Check out my Apple site too
Or if you in the market for a classic Mac boot disk, for $10 bucks, I'm your man:
You can follow me at retromaccast.




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