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James and John talk about the short-lived QuickTake series of digital cameras. eBay auctions include a five lot set of auctions for an Apple button collection, a pair of Pippins (1,2), and a Mac Portable with the original box. News includes a recap of this week's Apple iPod/iTunes event.

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Nice episode on the QuickTakes, guys. I recently acquired a QuickTake 200 from work but it doesn't seem to work at all (I only got it to turn on once since I brought it home and that was it). Like you, I've also been using the regular AA alkaline batteries but I don't see why that would make a difference with a camera like this. I've searched online for any information that said not to use alkaline AA batteries and couldn't come up with anything. The only thing I could find was information on Andy Baird's QuickTake 200/Fuji DS-7 User's Page and that had nothing negative to say about using alkalines (other than the fact that they don't last very long).

That site also mentioned that there's a known issue with the DC input fuse on the 200 where it has a tendency to fail. Unless you're REALLY good at soldering and have a low-wattage soldering iron, it's not a task to take on lightly. I'm wondering if maybe this is the issue you and I are experiencing with our 200s, James.

The site hasn't been updated much lately since connecting the QuickTakes to any modern computer isn't possible, but it's a great resource for owners of these cameras.
When I first got my 200, I put my regular rechargeable alkaline AA batteries in it and it turned on for a few minutes. I did not have a memory card for it, so all I could do was turn the dial and see the titles for each in the lcd. Then it just died. I put another set of the same batteries in it and it turned on for about a second. I recharged the batteries and tried again, but the same thing: it would turn on for a second. Then I got the memory card and stopped in at K-Mart on the way to the beach and bought a set of Energizer lithium batteries (recommended for digital cameras according to the package). Those work like a charm. I remember when I got my QT 100, I stumbled across a page on Apple's website about batteries which I printed out and took to WalMart. Nothing they had matched the specs except the lithium batteries for digital cameras. Here is some of the text from Apple:

Includes three AA lithium batteries
Supports three 1.5V AA, R6P, LR-6, or SUM-3 NiCad or lithium batteries
Optional AC adapter (use only the QuickTake AC adapter M2851LL/A or the Macintosh PowerBook AC Adapter M4662LL/A)
Optional QuickTake Battery Booster Pack (M265G/A)
Note: 1.5 V Alkaline batteries are NOT compatible with the QuickTake 150 camera and can damage the camera if used.

The fuse mentioned on the Andy Baird site says that it will affect only trying to use external power, but does not affect internal battery power at all. I don't have a power adapter for my 200, so I don't know if its fuse works.
I also don't have a cable to connect the camera to a computer, either. I got a PCMCIA card for my PowerBook G4 that I put the memory card inside. Andy Baird recommends this method as it is much faster than using a cable. Finding the cable seems next to impossible, anyway.
I would not want to try replacing that fuse. Try some of those lithium batteries and see if those work.
Good Luck!
Thanks so much for that tip (and for the comment on my page regarding the batteries). I have everything (cables, power adapter, etc.) so I'll be giving it a try once I can get this to actually turn on.

My only question is whether it has to be only lithium batteries. They are a bit expensive and I saw mention online that NiMH batteries would also work and are much cheaper. What has been your experience with those other types of batteries?

I've only had the QT 200 for a few weeks, so I'm still on the first set of the lithium batteries. The QuickTakes don't hold a lot of pictures so I don't foresee draining those batteries too quickly. The 200 does have that LCD screen which may drain them faster, but it is pretty hard to see much on that screen, so I don't think I will be spending lots of time viewing my photos through it. So for now I may stick with the lithium batteries, as I read that the other batteries that work seem to have shorter shelf lives. The rechargeable batteries that sound like they would work look expensive and I seem to forget to shut the recharger off so I've overcooked a few sets of batteries (even though the charger is supposed to stop when done).
My QT 100 is still on its first set of lithium batteries, also. The QT 150 is the one I tried using the regular rechargeable batteries that worked but drained really fast. I hope I didn't hurt it using those. It has a fresh set of lithium batteries waiting for it now.
We need to find someone who has used the QT 200 for a long time. I think Robert "Bo" Huttinger may have some insight into this.
I just read the teeny tiny print on my Energizer rechargeable batteries. They are Nickel Metal Hydride aka NiMH. They do NOT work in the 200!! I had mistakenly thought they were considered alkaline.
This is what Apple ( says about batteries for the QuickTake 200:

* Runs on four AA lithium batteries
* Power-saving mode turns off the LCD to extend battery life
* Includes connector for optional AC adapter

I know the Andy Baird site says the alkaline and the NiMH batteries will work, but Apple seems to disagree.
I've googled this battery thing for over an hour and everything I read (except Apple's own manuals) says NiMH rechargeable batteries work in the QT200. I had zero luck with two different sets of known to work Energizer NiMH 1.2V rechargeable batteries. There should be NO reason they don't work, but they don't even last a second before the camera shuts off and the batteries are dead. One of the sets is even brand new. Maybe I just have a weird camera...

On another note, the Andy Baird site now has today's date as the date it was last updated! I sent him a link to a source for the 5V-compatible SmartMedia card readers and he wrote right back saying he had added it to his site.
Excellent. I'm going to need one of those. All I've got are the 3.3v ones. :-/
For what it's worth, I had a QuickTake 200 in my posession from 1997-2001 and ran it quite happily on NiMH batteries. :-) I had to--it ate through them like crazy! Never mind that it stopped working in 2001 for no reason at all.. I'm sure that had nothing to do with it.. ;)




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