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A friend is giving me a vintage SE/30 and I'm trying to figure out how to use it. I'm thinking distraction free writing would be one use but at a loss for anything else. Any ideas?

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If you can get it hooked up to the 'net then it would be a good machine for reading and sending emails. With an SE/30 ethernet card or SCSI to ethernet adaptor, it is possible to rig an SE/30 up to a modern broadband connection.

There are also hundreds of Mac System 6 & 7 games available to download online which can provide hours of entertainment.
And that's just from trying to get them to run at all!

Oh, you meant playing them. My bad.
I recently discovered a game called Glider. Looooooove it on my Macintosh Classic. It is a great game to show off the unit.

You could also trick it out like this guy did.


The first version is kinda hard…


v4.0 Is quite good (play it on my LC 475)


Glider PRO is the best!

It would make a great IRC client machine with something like ircle...
I use my Macintosh SE for almost all of my word-processing. The screen is just perfect for that i think.
You could use it as a webserver/emailserver - if you have an ethernet card installed. I ran a MacLegacy website from an SE/30 for a year or so until the monitor went wonky. It worked really good actually. And surprisingly quick. I used MacHTTP and Eudora mail server. The website is archived here: if you wanna take a peek.
Does your SE/30 have ethernet?

I currently use one of my SE/30s as an AppleShare file server, as well as an AppleTalk router. I boot my Apple IIGS using the AppleShare server. If you have an Apple IIe, you could install a workstation card and have it boot off the AppleShare server as well. I believe only AppleShare server up to version 3.x supports IIGS remote booting. I don't think the later AppleShare IP version supports this.

I have an ethernet interface installed on my SE/30. As an AppleTalk router, I use Apple's Internet Router software (extremely rare - I haven't seen it sold in quite awhile) and it creates two AppleTalk zones - one for EtherTalk and one for LocalTalk. So right now my Power Mac 8600 with EtherTalk can exchange files with my Macintosh Plus with LocalTalk.

There used to be books published by Addison-Wesley on how to do this sort of stuff. For more information on AppleShare and Internet Router:

I got an Apple SE/30 a while ago and have a Mini EN/SC 10T adaptor connected to a 10bT switch that then goes to my ethernet router.


What software would I use on the SE to get on the www?




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