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I've got a Mac plus with the Apple 20 mb hard drive and everything appears to be in working order, however I need a boot disk and don't have a way to create my own. I do have a DOS formatted 720K floppy, and a disk image with system 6. I've also found out I need to get a scsi terminator for the external hard drive. Any advice on what I should do next?

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Yea you need another Mac to make the floppy. Want me to snail-mail you one? --tim
That would Rock! Send me a PM and we'll discuss the details!
That's great of you to help!
If you attach a scsi terminator you will find the mac will boot from the 20mb if it has an OS.

This was the first mac I got for myself.. and it would not boot until voila, i plugged in a SCSI term.

You need a 50 pin scsi contronics terminator, they should be easy enough to find on ebay
Thanks to Timbuktu and a local Mac Friendly, I've gotten a hold of some system software on an 800K floppy and a SCSI terminator!

The good news is, software runs great, the bad news is I think my SC20 is dead. I want to check with a different SCSI cable or a different system, I've checked my SCSI settings and the mac doesn't see it at all. I can't seem to find much about the SC20 online, or any info. if there is a setup disk required. I've noticed the hard drive light blinks in a "SOS" fashion: long - short short short - long; long - short short short - long; long - short short short - long; etc, then after a few it goes out.

I'll post up some pictures later this weekend after I set up a permanent place for my new toy.
Cross your fingers and try replacing the SCSI drive inside the SC20 case. I think SCSI-1 maximum size is 32MB? Or is it 512MB?




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