Where great old Macs live again!

Here's a little online quiz from BBC News - can you identify old computers from pictures? Some of them are quite easy, others less obvious. And yes, there are Apples in there!

Link- Midweek quiz: Old computers

I scored 7/10. How did you do?

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6/10. I thought I was doing pretty well there for a while.
I had a few good guesses and got 9/10.
I got 5/10
10/10! All those hours of watching the Computer Chronicles and the BBC's Micro Live had to be worth something. (And I wonder why I'm single...)
10/10. Am rather happy and also worried. Hmmm.... That one about the Compaq portable or IBM PC almost got me... But then I remembered that the Compaq is slightly more yellow !

I got 7/10... all those goofy BBC/Acorn/Sinclair nonsense computers got me. (To my British friends... just kidding.)
7/10. Grr.

Missed out on the questions regarding the ZX, the Acorn, and the IBM Portable 5155. Bah.
9/10 . Got caught out by the IBM Portable thinking it was a Compaq :(
Too many Never-Heard-Of's for me: 4 by guessing.
But 4 is more than 25% !
Do I own the Low-Score now?

I was OK on the computers but didn't get the consoles.





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