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While we don't obsess about listener numbers, it is nice to check in from time to time to see if we're attracting new listeners and not losing too many old ones. Growth seems to have flattened out so I'm still looking for ways to get the word out.

Remember that these are monthly numbers and not per-episode numbers. Monthly numbers look more impressive don't they?

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What was the most listened to episode ?

A quick check on my itunes reveals I came along on 'Episode 9: Zen & The Art of the Macintosh'.
The most downloaded episode is Episode #6, True Bondi Blue. It has almost 2000 downloads.
well if you want to attract more listeners i have a semi radical idea ... i am thinking sponsors ... but not to make money for some contests to give away to members of the retro mac cast ... but that might not attract new people it might just make people excited and if you don't like sponsors that would be a good idea to not get them too
Really nice! And the numbers sure look impressive! :)

How I wished my server had those figures! (or not... would be crashing all the time if it had that many requests...)
Any chance we could see an update on this? After mentions on the ning blog and on retrobits, it would be interesting to see if things jumped!

Yes, Retrobits mentioned the RetroMacCast in the latest episode!
No sharp spikes, but the trend is still upward!

It looks like a cat peeking around a pillow... Anyone else see the ears?
Gotta love the irony, what with Apple's obsession with large cats for OS codenames. :-)
Very nice numbers! You guys deserve it. It's no surprise since your podcast is very professional, and it shows.
I thought I would post our latest download statistics. We're still showing slow and steady growth!

People are still listening. Wed now make a decent small town!
That's a scary thought . . .




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