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We would love to hear your ideas. Maybe you'd even like to do the research and be on the show with us to present it?

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An episode or segment of each episode for each Mac OS version, say 1-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and X would be a good idea.

I do like the longer episodes - the dry geek humor keeps me "pumped" while I'm coding - you guys are hilarious sometimes.
Yes. 1 hour a week please. I listen to you guys while I cook Sunday breakfast (or brunch) for my daughters.

Read your forums at mac-info DanP. I can't wait for the interview next week.
I noticed you are still "awaiting approval" at Info-Mac. Out of curiosity, have you gotten the confirmation email?
Ya I did now;) Junk mail filter grabbed it.
I have a feeling this is happening to a number of users. I should try to make it more junk-filter friendly.
I'd like to hear you talk about the Macintosh LC. The first one. My first Macintosh and I had it from 1990 to 1996. I guess not a very interesting computer - but one close to my heart. And that microphone!
Episode 7! I had an LCIII and really liked it too. It was amazing how compact it was given what it could do.
Oh great! I'm working backwards since I picked you up in the 40s. Right now I'm listening to Episode 23. Can't wait until 7! Maybe that will be mid-Jan. since you're in hiatus.
Ditto - I prefer longer episodes, the longer the better.
Well i just thought i would say ... I love the longer episodes ..... :)
As I already emailed I'd be very interested in a 'special' dedicated to NeXT hardware and software...explore the origins of OS X!
can you please do a apple /// eppisode ? There isn't very much going on the Internet about the poor thing ! I can't beleve that it over heated so badly that it could melt floppies in the the drive ! And I know it's the retro MAC cast but I would love to here you do one on this. Thanks




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