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We would love to hear your ideas. Maybe you'd even like to do the research and be on the show with us to present it?

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For some reason I thought we did the Apple ///, but I guess we didn't after all. We definitely will get around to it!
It really did show the change in mindset that Apple had to adopt to get out of the hobbist/education market and become adopted by business. The /// was the obvious way to go at the time - plain business - but it wasn't until they realized that going "creative" would get the passion they needed to actually sell machines. They were a lot more expensive (relative to income) than they are now so you had to capture the "less rational" side to sell them.

It's a shame that the /// had so many early troubles. It was a beast of a machine.
Im surprised to. Im sooo a hardcore listener since like ... (Opens itunes .. ) Episode 8 and i dont think you have every really mentioned it.
I really enjoy the episodes that are more about the history than the hardware, like the Eworld episode, which was awesome.
I do appreciate the longer format and the work that goes into them. The idea of tapping the crowd here for content is the right direction. Just make sure that you have some standards and guidelines before going ahead with any endeavor. You wouldn't want to alienate the base you've worked so hard for.
Lack of standards have worked well so far, why screw it up? (Just kidding)
You just made me giggle. (John laughed, too, when I read your comment to him.)
I sometimes get in trouble for calling it like I see it.

I truly respect how hard it is to do what these guys do every week. Between figuring out what you could possibly say to entertain and inspire people and have people actually come back and stick with it for more than 5 episodes is really amazing.

They don't get enough credit.
How about an episode covering alternative OSs for the Mac. BeOS, Linux, A/UX, AIX, etc ...
That'd be a good section, or maybe a brief part on Mac clones, the history and models, I think that would be very interesting, unless my memory is failing me and you have before.

I'll join in with saying the longer the episodes the better. I'm amazed, as a fellow podcaster, that your longer segments never drag on at all. They're also more fun to go into a second time and see what you might not have caught. As for future podcasts, I agree with the comment made about the eWorld episode; that was fascinating, got me looking around the internet to see if anyone had made a kind of eWorld "emulator" wouldn't THAT be a cool project? Along those lines, what about doing a history of Apple peripheral oddities like the PowerCD or the Quicktake (you've already, I think, done the Pippin and the eMate). What about a show corralling the various prototypes that have leaked over the years? Clones also sounds like a cool idea...whatabout the history of certain software suites, or a special on Susan Kare and her icons? I can't wait to see where you guys will go next! Thanks for a great podcast!
You should definately do an episode on the BeOS. I ran the BeOS on my 9500 multi-processor machine for about 4 or 5 years. I still have that box, but it hasn't been turned on in six months. I was quite a BeOS for PowerPC advocate in my time and I ported a few pieces of software to PowerPC.

The BeOS ran rings around MacOS 8 - 9 on the same hardware. It's blindingly fast, and it also uses both processors (hence me hunting down a used 9500/180MP model in 2000/2001 or so.)

I'll make some screenshots if people want them etc.




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