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Crazed bidding

I don't see what all the fuss is about, two bidders paying $270 with 4 hours to go for an SE with internal and external hard disk, did i miss something? Is my collection worth about a million dollars now, As I have several SE computers.. The only thing worth calling home about is the Mac Bag to what i See.. CRAZY!

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I saw an SE go for a few hundred $US a week or so ago. It was a nice SE, but I don't see how it could have sold for more than about $50.
Sometimes the right mix of photos and accessories pull in extra dough. Most likely the wealthy bidder is someone who doesn't want to go through the hassle of locating all the extras individually.

eBay is wierd like that sometimes. I've qualified for free iPods through the education offer Apple has in the fall. Twice I have sold the free iPod for ABOVE retail price on eBay. Go figure.




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