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One of the things I have always love about Macintoshes is the customizations you could do to the finder. Even back in the days of System 6 there were plenty of options to put your signature on your plastic pal who's fun to play with. One of the most instantly noticeable ways to do this was to put a picture on the desktop.

This is a forum for sharing Desk Picts for black and white toaster macs. I know, in the old days, places like GEnie (General Electric Network for Information Exchange) used to have tons of these. Of course they are next to impossible to find now. So let me start with two screen relics from way back. One is a Calvin and Hobbes picture and the other is a nice rendition of an Escher pic. I found these on a Mac Classic that I bought from a school sale. Both of these are in MacPaint format so the document size is larger than 512 x 342 when opened. When used in conjunction with Backdrop it disregards the blank portion of the document.

If you have any of these treasures, old ones you found somewhere or something you have created yourself, please share it with the rest of us. I have had to stuff the image files for ning to allow me to upload them. After you download it and unstuff it the file can be viewed using GraphicConverter.

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When we were in college, my roommate Jeff and I placed our faces on an Apple scanner in one of the computer labs and made this desktop picture. This would have been around 1990. (We also scanned one or two photos from the SI swimsuit issue that year. Kathy Ireland!)




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