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Almost all my retro mac stuff must go (Melbourne, Australia)

Hi RMC folk,
I'm downsizing living quarters, and I have a huge collection of stuff that must go.
If you are in Melbourne, Australia, you may want to contact me because there are heaps of goodies I have collected over the years. For example:
LC475s, LaserWriter IIg, PowerBook 100 external floppy, numerous PowerBook 145/150 parts, LCD panel, ColorOne Scanner, PowerTower Mac clone, Powermac 7220 that needs new 4.5v battery, Performa 5500 (its dying but should last a little longer) spare LC630 and performa logic boards, SCSI cases, cables, I may even part with a Mac SE!
Anyway send me a message and I'll give you phone # and address.

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