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I made some prototyping expansion cards to experiment with some Apple II stuff. I am also selling them.

Large card with voltage rails:

Large card:

Small card:

Small card: $5.50

Large card: $7.50 buy 3 or more $7 each

Large card with rails: $8.50 buy 3 or more $8 each

Shipping within US is $4 flat rate.

I do ship internationally. Shipping for international will vary.

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These boards look terrific , what kind of  projects are you into?

At the moment I'm tinkering around with things, learning how the Apple II hardware works.

Here's a video of something I did that just turns lights on/off when poking to the address of one of the peripheral slots:

Hi.  Do you have any more of the small cards available?

Yes I do (They are green now)

PM me for further details.




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