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Hi everyone, I just want to let everyone know about an Apple Newton doco which we're working on. If anyone thinks this is too spammy or self-promotion-ey let me know. I'm a longtime Mac user and Newton fan, I am also in video production, and as a personal passion project decided to make a film about people who love Newton, Apple's orphaned PDA from the 90s. I still use mine, and so do a lot of people. OK, here's the address:

And about the film:

Love Letter to Newton is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek name for a film about what a beloved (but short-lived) pen-based Personal Digital Assistant created by Apple Computer has meant for the people who used it, and the community who adore it.

I am a longtime Newton fan, and this film is a dramatic documentary about the history, demise, and resurrection of Newton by the fans who love it. The goal is to create a 1.5hr documentary with interviews with big names in the creation of the Newt (like Larry Yeager) to the big names in keeping it alive today (Grant Hutchinson, Eckhart Koppen, among others).

It's a story about a different kind of computer which almost "was", and the people who kept the vision alive.


The film is a passion project for me, Noah Leon, a longtime Mac user and Newton fan. I got a Newton by accident when I was in grade 7 and have been hooked ever since. Since the Newton was in some ways a glorified Notepad (the original name for the Original MessagePad), this film is a series of love notes by those who love it, remember it, and some who still use it.

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