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I found and acquired an Apple Radio Cooler a couple of days ago on eBay.  It certainly was a little dusty on the outside.  To be expected.

Looked a little discolored inside and I recall something mentioned in one of the podcasts about another Apple Radio Cooler about similar discoloring...

I searched back and found two RMC podcasts  (Episode 134: "Silky Smooth" and Episode 359: "We don't need no stinkin' ports!").  Episode 359 mentions some discoloring and has a link to a past auction that also shows similar but much less rust colored stains.  Other than these stains, it looks to be unused on the inside.  I say this because the white plastic lining doesn't looked stretched in any way that would be evident with normal wear.

Well, the next picture shows you where these rust colored spots came from...

As it turns out, included in the Apple Radio Cooler were headphones with orange colored ear piece foam.  The discolored plastic liner is cause by the ear foam color leeching into the liner where the ear foam rested against it after all of these years.  This particular example would be worse because the headphones are still there.  

Thought this was kinda funny finding what that was :)

Case closed.

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Good sleuthing! I would have never made the connection.

Yeah! So much for the "people keep spilling peach schnapps in these" theory.

I am really glad I had already swallowed my coffee before I read this. Not the sort of java on my computer I want.




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