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 I'm a Mac using watch geek and suffice to say I'm fascinated by Apple watches. Sadly on the return of the Steve Apple watches pretty much went away.  From what I read he felt the ones being made did not live up to the quality standards of the Apple Logo. 

 I wanted an APPROVED Apple watch with some build quality, not like the Hong Kong Knockoff I'd been wearing, or the plastic ad  junk that was common with Apple at the Jobbsian return.

 Anyway, after passing many cheap plastic Apple promo watches and incredibly overpriced OS8 watches I saw this rather nice Jorg Gray,  "They are a subset of the company Logomark"  who makes corporate logo items in custom batches for various companies, from cheap stuff, to several grades of watches, from plastic to pretty decent.  Obama wears a Jorg Gray. They make the famous  "Obama Watch" now.

 I'm attaching the eBay pic of this watch as I still need to take a good one, I just want to know if anyone knows the model.

 Internet searching is nearly futile.   It was either sold in the "Mothership" Gift store in Cuppertino, for the visitors, or it was a corporate incentive model given to employees or visitors. I'm leaning to the later as the Mothership watches "also made by Jorg Gray" sold in the gift shop are less substantial models from what little I've seen.


 Its a surprisingly nice watch.  Its QUITE heavy, with a steel case, a brushed steel face and a very thick recessed dome crystal. Its also a calendar model. This has a new band, and looks to have been very lightly worn. I'm guessing 2000-2003?      Any ideas about it?



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I wish I knew more about this one, but if I were to guess, I'd say it came from the company store.  I was at the store last week and didn't see any watches.  I'm an Apple watch collector too, and I'm always on the look-out.

 Seriously keep an eye out for this one then.  This is a great wearer. It is absurdly thick and solid.  Unlike most "brand Logo" watches, this one feels like a REAL watch, not a promotional toy.


 I saw a pic of someones trip to the  store about 18 months ago who supposedly bought another metal watch.   Perhaps its an occasional order thing. I'd suspect probably also Jorg Grey "aka Logomark".  They do small order lots.


 I got crazy and paid $100 for this one, and on social security I'm REALLY kicking  myself. Much as I love it I keep thinking of what that could have paid for.  My partner says "sell it again" but no, I expect I'm the only person who would have paid that much. Seller is probably still laughing. 


 Such is the price of brand love affair.  heh.........

Really nice watch. Apple watches have a varied history as so many people made them, or licensed them. Most famous where Apple Watch Co who made the iMac Fruity ones and the Think Different ones. Hard to put a date on some of them.


$100 is a good price for this watch, I would have paid more as this brand os quality.

 My budget stinks right now, if you want to buy it it I'll sell. Its up to you.  I like the watch fine, but my bills are murder. I have over ten years of perfect eBay feedback.

 The orginal auction,

My personal feedback,


Hi Dana, thanks for the info. I like the watch but would need to see some more pics, the strap on the original sale says new but i'm worried about matching th eface, does it have a box?

Email me, many thanks Mark



 Let me get my camera a bit later and I'll do that. its my birthday today, and there is a cake calling my name.


 And no, no box.

 I replied but I had to send a friends request. Photo listed on the site.





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